21st June – Delayed Until 19th July 

We finally have received the news that we knew was coming that the 21st June 2021 dubbed “Freedom Day” has now been delayed until the 19th July 2021.

21st June Delayed until 19th July

The announcement doesn’t come as that much of a shock but more an annoying hindrous to many people have worked towards having their event with no restrictions.

Under the guidelines of the 21st June delay:

21st June restrictions

Venues will have to stick to social distancing rules and organisers will have to do a risk assessment.

Table service will be required and only six people per table and no indoor dancing is allowed.

Venues and events can continue within capacity limits, although Nightclubs will not be able to open

How does this effect Wedding events?

Wedding restrictions lifted 21st june

If you are having a Wedding there will be no limit to the amount of guests that can attend so long as it is in line with the government and the venue rules.

Weddings will be able to take place in private settings such as gardens – you will need to complete a risk assessment to verify how many guests you can host safely.

How does this effect other milestone celebrations and events?

The rule of up to 30 in private settings such as gardens is not effected so long as the events take place outdoors

So what does this mean for your event planning?

Maybe you had a venue booked – check with your venue and see if you are able to reschedule to another date or maybe think of re-planning and having your event in private settings such as your garden

Outdoor Events

They become extremely popular – garden parties with Marquees and Gazebos are so popular that booking them has become very difficult.

If you are thinking of having an outdoor event I would suggest you get booking as soon as possible

We are now seeing events that had to postponed from last year now rolling into ones that have been postponed this year meaning there will be a major backlog when we doing finally reopen with no restrictions. 

How can we help?

If you have been effected by the 21st June deadline and now are lost as to what to do, get in touch with us as we have plenty of ideas and solutions to make your event just as special

Get in touch by calling +44(0)20 3130 4040 or email: [email protected]