Ideas to help with your engagement party 

Engagements are worth celebrating, and a stunning engagement party is the perfect opportunity to tell your love story by bringing everyone together to celebrate and share in your happiness.

We have listed a range of unique, romantic engagement party ideas that will immerse your guests in the experience.

Moviegoers, sentimental types, or art enthusiasts, no matter your style, there are plenty of ideas and themes that you can consider. 

Relaxed back garden BBQ

Go for a relaxed summer BBQ party in your garden (or your “Bffs” patio would work too). Decorate your garden with romantic string lights, aesthetic lanterns and create seating areas with cushions, rugs, or outdoor chairs. Set out a “pimp your drink” station, exquisite tin buckets of flowers on tables, a chalkboard menu with what’s cooking, and classic homestyle dishes for a more immersive experience.

GLAM brunch

A vintage glamour engagement celebration with a luscious brunch is a no-fail way to revel with loved ones. Go super glitz and glam with everything; think of a fancy brunch restaurant, specialty-themed brunch cocktails, and toast with mimosas to savor the start of the relationship.

Taste wine and cheese

Party in style with the perfect pairs: Stilton with port, Brie with Beaujolais, and Gouda with Riesling – just like the newly engaged happy couple. If wine is your liking, serve strong cheeses with appetizers and your all-time favorite wine.

Casino night

You can’t go wrong with a Vegas-style fun casino night. Deck up space with black and red motifs and encourage a total James Bond vibe with a black-tie dress code.

A casual picnic

Take your engagement party to a local park with plenty of blankets, cute picnic baskets for the guests, picnic specials like stuffed focaccia, Vietnamese summer rolls, and mini frittatas. Hang streamers and tassel garlands to give a romantic touch to your eve.

Beach bonfire

Host a post-twilight engagement party at the beach. Invite friends and family before the pink and orange hues cover the sky, serve refreshing drinks, atmospheric music, and a beachy backdrop. Later into the night, roar up the fire and pull out the marshmallows.

Screen your love story

What better way to share your happiness with your key loved ones? Screen your story on a projector, with popcorns, KitKats, and Twizzlers for a rom-com engagement party.

Engagement Party Ideas Photobooth

Set up a photo booth

You’ve got to have a photo booth for your Instagram aficionado friends! Arrange funny or sweet props for pictures to remember forever.

Rent food trucks and live music

Rent food trucks to serve mouthwatering food while you celebrate your milestone event, dancing away to mix beats all night.

Go glamping

Pitch out your tents and sleeping bags for an overnight glamping soiree. Don’t forget the bonfire and goodies!

Dive into a pool

Pina Coladas, a rock-on playlist, animal and food-shaped rafts, and a blue-cool pool will give you a splashy engagement party. Make sure your friends enjoy the sunshine with sunscreens, face sprays, and paper fans.

Engagement Party Ideas Winterwonder land theme

Winter wonderland theme

Winter proposals call for winter wonderland-themed engagement parties. Go all white, merriment, and sparkles with frosted accessories for cozy touches. Flavor the dreamy party with only the seasonal staples like sugar cookies and Christmas roast.

Engagement Party Ideas Rooftop Party

Rooftop soiree

Have a city-view apartment, Bingo! A luxe summer rooftop party is a great way to honor your new status of soon-to-wed. Hire a live musician and set the night’s tone with comfy cushions, flower garlands, plenty of beer, and appetizers.

Engagement Party Ideas masquerade ball

Throw a masquerade ball

If you and your partner love carnival themes, an elegant masquerade ball is your best bet. All golden and shimmery decorations with extravagant masks and galvanized dress themes will prove an over-the-top party.

Engagement Party Ideas Pizza

Pizza party

A pizza party never goes out of style! Keep your celebrations simple yet extra cheesy with lots of toppings on your favorite pizza. You can either order takeout from your Italian restaurant or rent a pizza oven to have fun.

Engagement Party Ideas Sailboat Experience

Sail the ocean

Before you sail into marriage life, invite your friends and family for an Instagram-able yet intimate experience on a sunset sail along the blue ocean. Adorn the boat with nautical confetti, cocktails, and disco for a whale of a good time.

Engagement Party Ideas Family Gathering

Surprise family gathering

A surprise gathering for the beloved families is the perfect way to embark on a beautiful chapter of your life. You will want a sophisticated fancy seated dinner to mingle and converse with the guests.

Engagement Party Ideas Netflix

Netflix marathon

Nobody is too old for dressing up as their favorite Netflix character. Announce a theme from the lovebird’s favorite Netflix show and play charades all-night-long.

Engagement Party Ideas Memory Lane

Memory lane

A great idea is to go all nostalgic at your engagement party. Ask each guest to scribble down memories on an index paper and read them out by the couple. Friends and acquaintances will find it sweet and memorable.

Engagement Party Ideas Under the stars

A night under the sky

Spend a relaxed night under the open sky with blankets, a telescope, warm drinks, and a bunch of close friends. Add touches of sparkle and fairy lights for a romantic aura. 

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