Fun days make workdays better!

Much more than fostering team-building benefits, company fun days are all about boosting company morale, staff motivation, and work-life balance.

A great day out with colleagues and their families not only encourages personal connections but also rewards your staff and recognises the support of family and friends.

With a goal to entertain and motivate your workforce, corporate fun days are an intelligent investment. These corporate events offer a relaxed environment for you, your family, and colleagues to join in and celebrate your firm’s success. And, with our fun day packages, you can really have it all.

When it comes to planning the perfect “fun days,” our dedicated team brings to the table some creative ideas and themes that won’t break your bank.

We can add a wow factor to your company fun days with a range of entertainment elements, including fairground rides for the adults, giant bouncy castles for the kids, on-stage musical acts for all ages, and much more.

Why are company fun days great for your business?

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The perks of hosting company fun day events are endless – from increased productivity to improved company culture to enhanced employee satisfaction. A bespoke engaging corporate fun day conveys a powerful message to your employees and guarantees these benefits.

1- Better interpersonal relationships

What’s better than bosses and employees going on a picnic or riding rodeo bulls together? Team-building fun days are the perfect opportunity to build strong work relationships between colleagues and leaders for a shared community experience in the workplace.

2- Boosted morale

Celebrations and success parties boost positive feelings of validation and recognition. Appreciation for your employees can rekindle the passion and boost company morale. After a fun-filled party with coworkers, your workforce will come back to the office refreshed and re-energized.

3- Increased productivity

Take your staff outside the work environment into fresh surroundings and watch the productivity go through the roof. Company fun events are a fun break from work that refreshes the mind and recharges the drained productivity. When colleagues from different departments come together, they get new ideas and fresh concepts that can affect the success of your business.

Plan a fantastic company fun day

Corporate fun days are more than just a jolly – they are a perfect strategy to build unparalleled dream teams and satisfy employees with a bit of investment. So, if you are looking for some magic to skyrocket your business success, company fun days will work wonders.

The key ingredients to planning a fantastic team-building fun day are creativity and flexibility. Our fun days are tailored to meet your requirements and dazzle your audience with creative indoor and outdoor games and activities.

Our dedicated team of professional event managers will do all the strenuous work from pre-event design to sourcing a suitable venue through to themes that will captivate your audience.

The theme for your company event can be anything from fancy seated dinners to a range of games and teamwork challenges or structured professional development workshops. Choosing a suitable theme will depend on your business objective and the target audience.

Whether you want to host an exclusive event for only the employees or family fun days to enjoy with friends and family, we have a list of exciting ideas to inspire your next event.

– Fairground rides and stalls

You are never too old for fairground rides and “have a go” stalls. The giant Ferris wheel and massive inflatable climbing walls will unleash the big kids within your staff. Families with kids will love to play the classic old-school games, including hook-a-duck, tin can alley, darts, hoopla, and much more.

– Golf day-out

Sports, particularly golf, prove to unlock the creativity in minds and build powerful partnerships. Golf-outings will allow your employees to find their hidden talents, improve skills, and foster feelings of shared victory.

– Face painting

A face painting stand never goes out of style. With the magic of art, a professional face painter will turn kids into their favorite characters. A batman, a roaring lion, some beautiful butterflies, or cute cats will mark the success of your fun day.

– Country sports

Here’s an excellent and effective way to sharpen carious skills among your colleagues. With a competitive approach, country sports can help individuals strengthen problem-solving skills, enhance focus, and – most importantly – master their minds. Take your event outdoors and organize shooting activities such as Archery, Crossbow, or Laser clay.

– Bottom line

The positives of hosting company fun days are endless. Not only do these events create goodwill and loyalty among employees, but they also highlight your business core values. Events by Knights specialize in producing high-caliber company fun days that leave a lasting impression.

With a range of inflatables, giant props, side stalls, live acts, games, and activities, we guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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