Effect on Wedding Bookings

A recent survey by Hitched has revealed that 87% of couples are not cancelling but rescheduling their wedding date. We touched on this subject last week as we have been busy rescheduling dates for all our existing bookings.

With the uncertainty of what will actually happen once we come out of the lockdown, the weddings we have booked in are deciding to look at dates later on in the year and exploring 2021 dates. There are a few factors that come into making decisions.

You can also find the latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice from the NHS here – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Rescheduling Wedding Dates

From our experience all the weddings we have booked in are now being postponed until later on in the year. We have found that wedding couples are very undecided as to what to do. Once the UK government lifts the lockdown measures currently in place couples are still not confident about having their weddings

How many guests will be allowed?

Speaking to wedding couples, we have discovered that many are worried that even after the lockdown lifts, how many guests will be physically allowed. Will large numbers and groups of people and guests be allowed to congregate in the same space? And furthermore will guests feel comfortable to do that themselves? This is something at the time of the blog, 27 April, nobody can actually say until we hear from the government.

Wedding Venue and Suppliers

With so many dates having to be rescheduled, there will only be a limited amount of available dates. Venues and wedding suppliers will be extremely busy trying to fulfill moved dates. For this reason wedding couples we are dealing with have decided that the best solution is to postpone until 2021. This is giving them a piece of mind rather than putting themselves under extreme pressure to guessing if they are able to do it this year.


We advise continuing with planning and organising your wedding. Look into the possibility of having options for your date and advise your guests that things could change according to announcements made by the government. Check with your venue and suppliers as well.

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