Corporate Event Inspiration – Useful Pointers

So, once more you’ve been given the unenviable task of planning a corporate event. You know your organisation and its products and services inside out, you know every nook and cranny of your chosen venue, and you even know the entire list of guests you have to invite. Surely this makes your life easier?

Actually. we think there’s more than an element of truth in the old adage – ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ It can be really difficult to continually come up with novel ideas, especially when you’ve previously staged successful events. Time and time again, all eyes are on you to wow audiences and clients alike. The responsibility for corporate event inspiration is immense and stress levels are rising.

So where do you get corporate event inspiration? Audiences are becoming more demanding, meaning that in response you need to produce innovative ideas. Events by Knight constantly source new event concepts tor our corporate clients. We know what gives them the edge over their competitors, but we also understand industry challenges.

Here we share our expertise and knowledge in the event planning sector and bring you some pointers as to where to get corporate event inspiration.

Move away from your traditional working environment

Take a break from your normal working environment and spend time working from a completely different space. Swap desks with a colleague, work from a coffee shop, work outdoors (weather permitting), switch off your phone and distance yourself from other distractions. It’s difficult to be inspired sitting at the same place every day, different scenery can work wonders.

Look at other industries

When you’re constantly having to plan corporate events, you’re likely to meet the same people and receive the same requests, which obviously makes stepping outside of the box and being creative that much more difficult.

Look at what other industries are doing for their corporate events. Ask around. Join online forums and check out new trends and exciting ways of keeping guests or clients engaged. Experiment with themes such as games, colours, foods, music, contests or unusual entertainment.

Online Resources

We’ve mentioned online forums, but the Internet really is your best friend when researching event trends. Make full use of social media for track trends and seek inspiration, subscribe to blogs and newsletters and gather together a database of ideas for possible future use.

Newspapers and Magazines

Local newspapers and magazines can give you a good idea of the types of events staged within your community. This valuable insight into current trends is a great starting position to build on when trying to create bespoke events. Keep an eye on free national press, Evening Standard, Metro, publications for advertisements, advertorials and general trending news.


Attending tradeshows gives you an opportunity to network with vendors, browse new products and services and get a feel for trends in décor, food, activities etc. Collect brochures, flyers, etc and build up a collection of ideas for future events.

Alternatively, call upon the ideas of industry experts. At Events by Knight we’re constantly ahead of our competitors in terms of researching what’s hot and what’s not. We know what ticks the boxes, we understand what gives an event the edge, and we’re always happy to help you plan tailor made corporate events.

So, whether you’re planning team building exercises, award ceremonies, product launches or just want to inject an extra something into an annual meeting, talk to our event planners today on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website. We’d be delighted to discuss and advise you on corporate event inspiration that is simple yet effective.