It’s time to plan your company party

Since the announcement that the remaining restrictions will be lifted from Thursday 24th February 2022, we have seen a surge in booking and enquiries.

With the onset of no restrictions in the for the foreseeable future in the UK, now is the time to start organising your corporate summer party for 2022.

Secure your date

The first thing you need to do is decide on your date; with so many other companies thinking of doing the same thing, get your date confirmed as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to be flexible in case your chosen date(s) are not available.


Find a venue

After deciding on your proposed date(s), securing a venue to host your summer corporate event is next on the list.

Consider whether you are going to have an indoor, outdoor or bit of both

When looking for your venue, decide on the number of guests that will be in attendance as this will help you to determine your venue.

If you need help, check out our venue finder page – CLICK HERE


Style of your party

Are you going to have a casual stand up style party or formal sit down? Summer time lends well to having a stand up style especially if you are doing an outdoor style event.

Food stations and food being brought around on trays is a great way to have an interactive party vibe for your event.


Event design & production

Once you have decided on the date, venue and style of your party, the next step is deciding on what your corporate summer party will look and feel like, the event design & production with determine your overall guests experience.

Set design, lighting, furniture and decorating your chosen venue will not only enhance your venue and party but you can also tie in any brand messages or theme(s) to the party.


Event catering

We all love food, especially at a party. There are many ways you can incorporate the food into the theme.

If you are having a sit down style you may want to consider how many courses to include and how this will be presented.

For casual stand up parties you may consider doing food stations and catering staff to hand out food to your guests while roaming.


Event entertainment

No party is complete without entertainment to immerse and engage your guests.

For music there is a range of choices such as a DJ, DJ Live, bands or live musicians.

Speciality acts such as walkabout magicians, dancers or photobooths will ensure that your party has elements that everyone can enjoy.



The main thing to do for your summer corporate party is to start your enquiries ASAP and get your venue booked.

We understand with your current workload, sourcing all the elements for your corporate summer party may be added stress that you don’t need especially as it has become extremely busy!

Get in touch and let us make it an easy and enjoyable experience.

As your creative event partner, Events by Knight will work alongside you to book and secure all the elements for your summer party.

Call: (0)20 3130 4040 or email: [email protected]