Team Building Tips

Being in charge of your employees well-being at your company, you realise the importance of team-building events to boost your team’s interpersonal working skills, collaborations, communication, and healthy competitions.

However, planning – and most importantly – executing a fun-filled and memorable corporate event is a complicated task.

The details and requirements can be overwhelming, especially with the surplus amount of office responsibilities on your shoulders.

If you haven’t planned a team-building event, chances are you may be keen to tackle the task on your own. And while we know you have the best intension, we also believe it’s best to count on professional help from experienced corporate event managers, namely Events by Knight.

Take advantage of our experience and skill, check out a few tips and tricks to get started on your next corporate team-building activity day.

Teamwork Events

1- Set your goals

Team-building events need to be a combination of fun and knowledge to make the investment worthwhile. Are you celebrating a milestone your business achieved recently?

Or are you thriving to establish improved workforce relationships and powerful mindsets? First and foremost, you need to identify the goal you wish to achieve from the event. Setting up clear goals will help you plan ideas and concepts that best fit your purpose to make the investment worthwhile.

2 – Put together a planning team

Brainstorms can do wonders. Only if you were superhuman would you be able to handle the stress of planning, arranging, and executing a fantastic event with a single mind.

Unfortunately, that’s too good to be true. With different personalities and mindsets come unique ideas. Put together a planning team by involving the right people and make the most of the variety of brains with flipcharts and mind maps.

You can also delegate tasks and appoint alternate leaders to take charge when you are busy or unavailable.

3 – Determine the budget

Establishing a budget for virtually all events always proves beneficial before getting started with the organizational details; fix a budget not to end up paying hefty bills and regretting your decision. With a budget in mind, you will be able to spend the right amount of money on all the different moving parts.

4 – Create a guest list

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While some events are mandatory, fun team-building activity events are open to anyone. Creating a guest list for such events is as easy as inviting all the employees in your office. However, a key consideration is the number of guests accommodating within the budget and the venue.

5 – Pick an appropriate date and time

Taking everyone on board is crucial to set the tone of your team bonding event. When finalising the details of date and time, take busy work schedules and personal lives into consideration.

Say your employees don’t want their post-office hours away from family and friends or their weekend evenings without their families; you will want to commit to a workday.

Likewise, most of your colleagues are likely to sit back and engage in work rather than the party because they have a looming deadline for an important project.

Also, seasonality and weather need special attention. For example, your team would love a golf day out or cook-off, make sure to pick a time of the year with pleasant weather conditions.

6 – Choose an outdoor venue

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Nothing beats the feeling of gratitude for fresh air and fair weather after a long hectic day sitting on the desks.

Outdoor venues with attractive setups are always a good choice for physical team-building activities. However, the temperature needs to be taken into account to avoid unexpected mishaps.

7 – Go for exciting indoor activities

Outdoors are not always possible, neither loved by everyone. But going indoors does not mean the event has to be boring. You can add extra excitement and fun with a barrage of games for your corporate event.

Whether you decide on a post-office-hours activity day or a surprise treat in the middle of a workday, there are countless quirky ideas your employees will enjoy. Escape room games, board game tournaments, and office trivia are among some of our personal favorites.

8 – Establish a logistic checklist

With more prominent elements decided, it’s time to focus on more minor yet significant aspects of transportation and logistics. Creating a checklist like ours can help you in the long run.

– Foods and drinks

– Transportation

– Live entertainment source

– Hotel accommodation and management

– What to bring?

– Unexpected circumstances

9 – Arrange some volunteering

Volunteering events are a powerful activity to unite a group of folks around a common cause. Sharing the workload, building something meaningful, and giving away for a good reason promotes a sense of shared victory and empathy.

Doing so will motivate your employees and boost morale and show a friendly and supportive side of your company. Take them to the local soup kitchen or an animal shelter and work for a cause.

10 – Get out of the comfort zones

You cannot expect to invite different people from different departments of your office who do not know each other, to celebrate and have fun. Being the host, you will have to step up and get the event started to kill the awkwardness among co-workers. Queer introductory games and sessions, an improv workshop or two-truths-and-a-lie, will get the guest out of their comfort zones and build strong partnerships.

Over to you

Now you know what it takes to plan a fun yet meaningful team-building event.

Contact Events by Knight today to start planning a corporate event your employees will remember for a long time.

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