Team Building Activity Ideas

There is no rule to the theme and idea of a team-building event. With a google search of “team building activity ideas,” you will find tons of creative and quirky ideas.

From simple games to professional development workshops, each kind of event has its pros and cons.

Depending on the size of your team, your goal, and the budget, you can opt for different types of activities. Here is a brief overview to help you choose the best:

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1- Physical activities

Organize outdoor physical activities to get your colleagues off their desks to improve physical well-being. Example: Go-kart racing, golf.

2- Fun games

It’s all about hysteric laughs and friendships. Example: Scavenger hunt, escape room.

3 – Ice breakers

Employees from various departments get to mingle and open up about each other. Example: Two-truths-and-a-lie, What’s my name.

4 – Group challenges

A great way to develop interpersonal bonds. Example: Cook-offs.

5 – Volunteer services

Spark a spirit of empathy and sharing to unite groups. Example: Local charities, build for a cause.

6 – Educational training

Essential to increase your team’s knowledge. Example: Improv workshop.

How to host a fantastic corporate event for team building without a worry?

London Event Planners

Doesn’t it sound exciting? A post-office-hour game day or an all-expenses-paid mystery dinner? But, with the excitement comes worries.

Organising a fun-filled team-building event takes up a lot of energy and effort. Deciding on a theme to arranging a suitable outdoor venue, to deciding on a mouth-watering menu, all with a limited budget, can be a hassle.

However, a little help from the professional event managers can prove otherwise. At Events by Knight, we have a wealth of experience and skills to plan and organise your next corporate team-building event.

Using our expertise, we will tailor your event to your requirements and add extra elements of flair and fun to create an event your employees will cherish for a long time.

We are here to help

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While you might run out of extraordinary ideas for your next corporate event, we won’t. We are brimming with ideas that will turn your imagination into reality.

Want to host an award ceremony to appreciate your colleagues who have exceeded all expectations and proven a milestone to your business? We have you covered.

Events by Knight have what it takes to help you say a “thank you” to your team in style. We will strategise an innovative award ceremony to showcase the talent from your office.

While you sit back and relax, our team of professionals will take the reins to arrange the essentials: be it the budget, hotel accommodation, logistics and transport, venue, entertainment services, or anything you name.

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