Hosting an event with social distancing measures

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing, it goes without saying that event organisers, venue operators, exhibitors as well as those looking to hold internal meetings, product launches, award nights, etc, will naturally be cautious.

The question, uppermost in everyone’s minds at the moment, is how can the event industry bounce back from the enforced closures demanded by Covid-19? More importantly, how can this be done safely, whilst complying to governmental guidelines?

Events by Knight have been adapting to the crisis by advising, planning, creating and implementing innovative logistics for successful virtual events. However, our experienced team of designers and planners have also been collaborating with management professionals to keep abreast of the health and safety policies and procedures needed for traditional live events to resume.

A new normal

Although virtual events held via video conferencing of meetings, lectures, staff briefings, webinar marketing and larger scale online events with multiple participants have bridged the gap, Events by Knight recognise the importance of face to face human interaction, especially in the competitive world of marketing, sales and brand promotions. People will want to attend events again, but to do so safely this will require a whole host of adaptations.

With social distancing and safety at the forefront of all event planning for the foreseeable future, we’ve put together some practical steps to help you when considering any form of live event.

Business Etiquette

Traditional greetings such as shaking hands, a kiss on the cheek or a friendly hug must be avoided at all costs.  For the time being, a nod, smile or wave of acknowledgment are the only acceptable methods of welcoming guests.

Health Monitoring

Ongoing governmental directives may include compulsory health monitoring for events defined as larger mass gatherings. These could take the form of temperature screening, breathalyser style testing or sanitising tunnels where purification sprays kill potential germs from clothing and belongings. At the very minimum, event organisers should be providing adequate antibacterial gels and wipes as well as having a supply of disposable masks and gloves should delegates request them.

Restrict audience numbers

In order to comply with social distancing, it’s likely you’ll have to restrict audience numbers. To compensate for this, you may need to stagger events over a longer time frame and give delegates specific time frames for arriving, as well as scheduling in time to clean rooms after use.


Seating will have to be repositioned to avoid people sitting side by side.  Alternatively, depending on the nature of the event, entire rows could be removed to enable sufficient leg room for guests.

Manage Visitor Flow

To help people navigate busier areas within venues, corridors may need to be one direction only. Obviously you’ll have to assess whether this is practical and also achievable from a venue layout perspective – bearing in mind fire exits,  bottlenecks and areas where exhibitor or technical staff have to be located. You’ll need either wall dividers or direction signage to ensure your guests are fully aware of new safety policies and procedures in place, especially in areas such as kitchens and washrooms where extra measures may need to be implemented.

How can Events by Knight help you?

These are unprecedented times and as such we appreciate you’ll have many questions and issues to address before considering holding any live event.  Events by Knight have been involved in planning, creating, staging and hosting high level corporate events  for start-ups, family businesses and multinational brands for many years – ensuring all aspects of successful event management are covered.

Covid-19 has brought about additional planning requirements specific to the size and scale of event to be planned. Furthermore, governmental advice, directives and regulations will continue to evolve in response to the progress made in containing the pandemic. Events by Knight offer an individual tailor made service, designed specifically for your company and for your event.  We’ll carry out appropriate risk assessments (either virtually or on site) and advise on health and safety requirements, equipment, accessories and any changes to the venue layout needed for compliance purposes.

We’re also here to go through the planning of your event from a presentation perspective. We provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance that everything will run to time, to budget and in a seamless, reliable manner. We’re aware it’s an extremely stressful time for you right now. so let Events by Knight take your corporate event planning from its initial concept to on day delivery. Be safe in the knowledge that all Covid-19 social distancing / health and safety polices and procedures will be assessed, explained and put in place for you.

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