What is Google Meet?

Google launched Google Meet primarily for business meetings and collaboration. However, with the rise in virtual communications, Google decided to make the multi-person video conferencing app free and available for everyone.

Google Meet is an online video calling platform that enables face-to-face conferences all over the globe. It is an excellent way of connecting and collaborating with colleagues or just catching up with the family. Google Meet aims to provide frictionless online communication with the help of noise cancellation, speech-to-text technology, and many more intriguing advanced features.

How to use Google Meet?

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Google Meet is a versatile platform that provides ease and convenience for creating and joining virtual meetings. Users are not bound to download the Google Meet app. Anyone with a Google account can open the Google Meet website and click to join or start a meeting.

The meeting code can be shared among 100 other users with a  Google account. Schools and businesses can host up to 250 participants and share live streams to 100,000 viewers in their domains.  There is also a live chat option while the call is on.

And if you wish to record Google Meet, just click on the record icon. The Google Meet recording will be automatically saved to the corresponding Google Drive upon completion. This way, the meeting backup is stored for further use or review. Before you join the Google meeting, you can adjust your mic and camera settings or choose to turn them off.

With the multitude of features that Google Meet offers, it is ideal for hosting formal meetings. The screen sharing option and the closed caption tool further make it an excellent choice for conducting live classes to teach more effectively and provide an immersive teaching experience. The ease and accessibility also render it a quick way to have casual group calls anytime and on any device.

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