What is Jami?

Virtual Conference application

An innovative alternative to Skype, Jami is a leading Virtual communicating tool. It was developed by a Canadian company Savoir-faire in 2016. Jami is an open-source platform that is free for audio, video, and even text messages.

What’s more, contacts on the same local network can communicate even without an active internet connection, making Jami a very flexible and accessible tool.

Jami uses the peer-to-peer connection. Due to this, users can enjoy a high-speed communicating experience along with extra privacy. Better yet, Jami gives complete freedom to the users. It allows free unlimited calls. Moreover, you can enjoy limitless sharing without any restriction on the size, storage, or the number of accounts.

In addition to this, Jami is available on almost all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can easily download the app and start telecommunicating. As of yet, calls from the browser are not supported by Jami.

How to use Jami?

On Jami, you can sign up and log in for free. It allows individual as well as group calls. Whether you want to go for video, audio, or text message, all are available on Jami. Even group chats are enabled on Jami. Just click on the chatting partner and click on the camera or phone icon to make a video or audio call, respectively.

The chatting option is available during calls and even without a call. So, basically, Jami is a complete communication app without any limitations.

With Jami, unrestricted content sharing is made easier. Whether you wish to send high-quality pictures or large files, Jami supports it all. The peer-to-peer feature makes it secure and reliable for sharing critical data.

Since there is no transition delay due to the decentralization, Jami provides a quick and seamless connection. Call hold, searchable call history, call record, and desktop notifications are some of the major features that make Jami ideal for everyday use.

How Can We Help?

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