What is Jitsi Meet?

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Jitsi Meet is a one-of-a-kind Virtual communication platform providing completely free audio and video conferencing and instant messaging. Jitsi Meet was created by a student Emil Ivov but was later acquired by the Atlassian company. Unlike all the online communications platforms, Jitsi Meet stands apart as it doesn’t require any registration, signing-up, or subscriptions.

Being an open-source multiplatform, Jitsi Meet is highly customizable to suit the likes and requirements of users. The unique Etherpad tool allows multiple users to edit any document collaboratively. Furthermore, multiple screens can also be shared at the same time.

If you wish to hold a private meeting, a lock code can seal the meeting and prevent uninvited users from entering the virtual meeting room. End-to-end encryption further strengthens the Jitsi Meet security.

How to use Jitsi Meet?

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Jitsi Meet install is available for many devices, including desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Better yet, you can instantly start meetings without wasting time in creating an account. All you need to do is open the Jitsi Meet app or web browser and create a customized username to start a meeting. A URL code can be shared to invite unlimited people for limitless video or audio calls. What’s more, you can raise your hand during a call to draw attention or control other’s desktop remotely.

Different apps like Microsoft, Slack, and Calendars can also be integrated with Jitsi Meet for better and easy workflow. To keep a record, save for later viewing, or increasing your audience, you can even live-stream the meetings to YouTube. Jitsi Meet can also be integrated on websites to increase engagement and boost your business. So, Jitsi Meet is a great choice if you are looking for a convenient and hassle-free communicating platform loaded with high-end features for a seamless experience.

How Can We Help?

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