An event guide to covid and events

Covid restrictions in the UK are to be lifted with an announcement being made by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Thursday 24th February 2022.
From Thursday, people with a positive test will no longer need to self-isolate but will still be advised to stay at home.

What does this mean for events?

This gives anyone who is planning a live event the confidence to make a commitment to book knowing they do not have to cancel.
The uncertainty of not knowing if you had to cancel your event made it difficult to put a date firmly in the diary.

Corporate event management

The certainty encourages planning

With the addition of this statement, we have already had a surge of enquiries for parties, conferences and functions both indoor and outdoor for 2022 and into 2023.

Not having to work with limited numbers means that you can book knowing you can have the event you have planned with no restrictions hampering any of your ideas or concepts.

Living with Covid

Planning an event can be extremely stressful especially when you are considering who you will be inviting locally and from abroad.

The announcement that we are now to “live with Covid” gives reassurance that this is the “new norm” and we have to get on with our lives including celebrations, milestone and business events.


Over the past 2 years, we have learned to adapt the way we plan and organise events. This shift of rearranging schedules and circumstances is something we are used to as event organisers.

Situations in life, just like planning an event, can change all the time, so therefore having a contingency plan in place to should we need to adapt is what we experts are doing.

Plan your event with confidence

If you are thinking of planning your event, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can bring it to life.

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