Party planning after the pandemic 

The events industry is eager to get back up and running now that some of the restrictions put in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic are gradually easing.

However, whilst we all hope celebratory events, birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding receptions, etc will take place in the not too distant future, there will still be a need for certain precautions and restrictions –  and some are likely to remain for some time.  

What will the post Covid-19 party event look like? We’ve put together a few things to bear in mind if you’re planning any form of celebratory event in the near future.

Policies and Procedures

Regulations regarding mass gatherings will continue to evolve according to progress made in dealing with the virus pandemic.

We appreciate that planning any form of event is extremely challenging. Guest numbers will have to be restricted, indoor events will have to include social distancing measures and increased safety precautions with regard to catering hygiene and the logistics involved with providing entertainment and musical resources.

Events by Knight will continue to monitor governmental policies and procedures on an ongoing basis, ensuring that any events we create, plan and stage always conform to strict governmental policies in place.      


Many venues are looking at how to test people on entry. Thermal scanning technology is likely to become very normal. This technology is sensitive to any sign of illness, not exclusively Covid-19, but it is the most effective way to detect a potential viral threat. Although this measure may not be mandatory by law, installing such a precaution is likely to boost the confidence of guests, thus helping to keep numbers at a feasible level.


The majority of venues, at the very least will likely provide and insist on the use of hand sanitiser on entry. The washing of hands at regular intervals is likely to become a larger part of sanitation policy for many venues, and will likely be enforced. To reduce surface-to-skin contact, many venues might also decide to upgrade their bathrooms to include hands free toilet flushes, taps and hand dryers.

Social Distancing

Odd though it may seem for social parties and events, social distancing will probably continue to be observed for many venues. This may be managed using floor markers, staggering the number of guests into allocated time schedules, amending seating layouts or installing temporary venue extensions.

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues will be extremely popular in the near future, and any venue that has an outdoor space to utilise will undoubtedly be looking at how to make that space a viable event option.  Outdoor spaces are considerably less risky than enclosed spaces, so expect competition to book venues like these to be tougher than before.

Large and Spacious Venues 

Spacious venues are, of course, more able to accommodate large groups than smaller ones. However, whilst larger venues may be able to implement social distancing regulations easily, their hosting capacity, in terms of numbers of guests allowed, is likely to be dramatically reduced.

Food and Drink 

Options are likely to be restricted when it comes to being able to cater for guests at celebratory events. We certainly expect buffets to be an unavailable option for the time being. Table service is an alternative where it is possible to ensure high levels of sanitation in a venue. It may also be that food will not be able to be prepared on site and might have to be pre-packaged and delivered as a certified specialist service.

Also, consider that kitchen personnel will have to be reduced to a minimum and restrictions on food and drink displays will be in place.  

Many of these measures will ease over the coming months. However, we should expect some to become the norm in order to prevent similar viral outbreaks in the future.

How can Events by Knight help you?

These are unprecedented times and as such we appreciate you’ll have many questions and issues to address before considering holding any live event. 

Covid-19 has brought about additional planning requirements specific to the size and scale of event to be planned. Furthermore, governmental advice, directives and regulations will continue to evolve in response to the progress made in containing the pandemic.

Events by Knight offer an individual tailor made service, designed specifically for your company and for your event.  We’ll carry out appropriate risk assessments (either virtually or on site) and advise on health and safety requirements, equipment, accessories and any changes to the venue layout needed for compliance purposes.

We’re also here to go through the planning of your event from a presentation perspective. We provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance that everything will run to time, to budget and in a seamless, reliable manner from initial concept to on the day delivery.

To find out how we can help you with party planning management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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