Planning an event in 2021 | Things you need to think about

The past twelve months have been a rollercoaster for us all! We have faced extraordinary times and we have certainly found out to adapt to them, but how do we move forward and how do we plan an event in 2021? Here are a few things to consider…


There are several constraints and standards that remain in place which will for the foreseeable future which we will have to comply with. Keep a close eye on these when preparing an event to guarantee you stick to them.

Number of guests

As we’re all aware, there are constant adjustments in restrictions relating to how many people we can meet, how many you can have inside outdoors, home and so on. It’s uncertain the number of individuals will be able to attend occasions entering into the spring and summer, but something which will certainly need to be thought about is the size of your venue as well as a variety of people to make sure that there is space to socially distance your guests.

Safety measures

The pandemic has educated us on several things, among them being to be cautious concerning our health and wellness. Firstly, social distancing will certainly be crucial during an in-person event. Secondly, like any public area, you will certainly require to think about sanitising stations and also track and trace. Safety and security will need to be your main priority!

Outdoor Events

Outdoor occasions will be recommended as the danger of Covid spreading is less significant outdoors due to continual fresh air. Additionally, outside occasions will have the ability to run longer than indoor events. Interior events are suggested to have thirty-minute windows, so moving outdoors is a great fix for spring/summer events!

Virtual Events

Throughout 2020, Virtual events were extremely effective and popular. They have shown to be a fantastic alternative to in-person events, for both celebrations and for corporate purposes. We propose they will be around to stay. 

Hybrid Events

What’s the difference between hybrid and virtual events? Hybrid occasions are online occasions which occur in a physical area and are additionally being streamed online. This offers you a mix of both online and also in-person attendees allowing you to still have that event feel yet with some visitors participating online with their mobile device, laptop or phone.


We’ve really seen the impact of technology and exactly how it plays a substantial function in all areas of our lives. The majority of us were unfamiliar with Zoom and Microsoft Teams a year ago and now we are having virtual birthday parties and working from home – we’ve come a long way!


It’s an extremely unsure time for us all but as we progress through the vaccination process the more likely we are to be able to get back to some kind of normal in relation to our celebration, events and get together and we when we do, the team at Events by Knight will be happy to help.

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