Post-Pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19 Event Planning

With all that is currently going on it does feel like we may never party or celebrate again. We have spoken to many of our clients who are worried and concerned, but as we keep saying this pandemic will eventually pass. We can’t say exactly when, but it will. One thing we have realised through this pandemic is that no matter how many Zoom or house parties we do via virtual means, nothing can or will ever beat a real party taking place with the atmosphere of family, friends and colleagues all in the same place while the DJ or band play the music, as you’re on the dance floor cutting your best shapes! 

Do you know when the Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic will end?

Let’s be totally honest, no one truly knows at this point. One thing we can say for sure is when it’s over we will get the parties started again

Will it be safe to party again?

We are waiting to hear the guidelines which will be issued by the government. Once we know this we will follow instructions and ensure we able to deliver nothing but the finest parties safely. 

When should we plan our event for?

From a previous blog we did, research seems to be leaning towards September 2020. Again, this is only speculation and thoughts from the UK events industry professionals. For more information Click here 

Can I currently make a booking through Events by Knight?

Yes for sure, just send in your details via email, text or give us a call, we would be happy to discuss your event and provide the best solutions.

What If the pandemic continues, can I reschedule?

Yes you can, this is a policy we have already implemented due to the circumstances.

Are venues still taking bookings?

We have been in constant contact with our venue partners and they are all taking bookings, so do get in touch.

What do you reckon will happen once this is all over?

After what we have all been through, parties and celebrations is what everybody will want, need and deserve. 

For more informations and booking click here:[email protected]