Coronavirus: Spain sets out its four-stage plan to allow events post Covid-19 pandemic

The Spanish government led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has set out a plan to how things will be after they ease their lockdown measures including the return of live events, concerts and social events while keeping the coronavirus under control.

The post lockdown plan will have four phases.

Phase one runs until 11th May 2020 after which Phase two will allow “Cultural events” to return with a maximum number of attendees capped to 30 people for indoor events for venues that have a capacity for 90 or more.  For open air events, there will be a maximum capacity of 200 people, social distancing rules will apply and all outdoor events must be seated.

Phase three: from the 25th May 2020 the number of attendees will be raised to a maximum of 50 people for indoor events. Outdoor events will increase to a maximum of 400 attendees, during this phase theatres and cinemas will be allowed to re-open.

Phase four: from the 8th June 2020 bars and clubs will be allowed to re-open to a third of their capacity.

It comes as France has also revealved it’s exist strategy with most businesses scheduled to reopen from the 11th May 2020.

In the UK we are currently waiting to hear on what the plans and arrangements will be in regards to holding events post-pandemic.