The secret to successful event production

Weddings, festivals, concerts, charity events, conferences, sports events, birthday parties, product launches, award ceremonies etc, etc. The list is endless. Events such are these occur week in, week out, seemingly going to plan without mishap.

But what is the secret to successful event production? What makes an event successful? Is there more to event production than initially meets the eye? After all, it’s just about finding a venue, organising some food and drink, booking event entertainment and then sending out invites to all your guests, isn’t it?

Actually, no, it isn’t. Like so many things which on the face of it may appear simple and effortless, successful event production is a unique skill which requires a lot of hard work, time and effort as well as a diverse range of skills.

Successful event production includes applying creativity and innovation, being forward thinking, studying brands, identifying target audiences, planning logistics and co-ordinating a whole host of technical aspects.

At Events by Knight, we totally understand the needs of the industry as we’ve been planning local, national, international and global events for both individuals and large scale corporates for many years. Here, we share a few insights into event production, highlight the wide range of skills needed and some vital things to bear in mind when planning any form of event.

What does successful event production involve?

Understanding objectives

Planning any kind of event is impossible without an understanding of its objectives. What is the purpose of the event? What experiences do you want people to have? How do you intend to create a memorable event?

Establishing a timeline

Determining what has to happen and when. Complex time management is involved to schedule and co-ordinate everything coming together at the right time.

Sourcing and managing suppliers

Devoting sufficient time to research appropriate suppliers, negotiating price, terms and conditions, ensuring they fulfill their obligations and having back up plans in place.

Marketing and communication

Considering promotional literature, flyers, posters, etc, appropriate social media platforms to publicise events, printing, publicity, ticketing.

Managing risk

Carrying out appropriate risk assessments and complying with any health and safety requirements necessary. This could include controlling audience capacity, having adequate first aid cover, access for emergency services, security aspects (personnel and fixtures and fittings), the correct permits and licences, insurances. Having strategies in place to minimise risk and being able to implement contingency measures.

Sustainability and eco-friendly options

Considering environmental issues and installing adequate facilities – toilets, general waste management, recycling options for plastics, tins, glasses, packaging, etc.

Finishing touches

Being aware of any extras you may need for your event. Do you need to hire extra furniture, lighting, cabling or technical equipment? Does your client require souvenir gifts to be given to guests? Effective communication and attention to detail is crucial.

What skills and talents are needed for successful event production and why?

An eye for detail

The phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ could have been coined especially for the event production industry. Detail is key, as is efficient communications, keeping records of anything quoted by suppliers and being clear when issuing instructions.

Organisational skills

Not only doing the right thing at the right time, but being able to organise others, keep to timescales and schedules, liaise and negotiate.


Creativity in designing innovative event packages and adapting current trends as well as being able to think on the spot, trouble shoot and solve problems immediately.

Budgeting skills

Prioritising spending according to importance, negotiating affordable prices, managing spreadsheets, budgeting for all eventualities.
People skills

Being able to liaise effectively and communicate with global leaders, suppliers and event crew. Being courteous, fair, clear and inspirational whilst also remaining authoritative when necessary.

Ability to multi-task

Simultaneously organising times, dates, schedules to correspond with caterers, entertainers, lighting producers, furniture hire companies, and many more and staying calm, relaxed and unphased.

Flexibility and willingness to adapt to market trends

Nothing stays the same for long in successful event production. Technology is rapidly evolving, photography, video, lighting trends will continue to advance. Trends in décor, fabrics, colours, styles alter as do clients expectations and requirements. It’s vital to stay updated, know what’s happening in the event production industry and rise to the challenges that producing an event brings.

Additionally, and most importantly, event production is about setting a scene, creating an atmosphere, a mood, a purpose, through the equipment, accessories and supplies that are available. It’s about targeting an audience, appealing and engaging with them. It’s about seeking perfection and making memories.

Talk to the experts

Handing over full control and management of your event to industry specialists provides peace of mind and reassurance that nothing will be overlooked.

Events by Knight have an unrivaled reputation for delivering high quality personal and corporate events to meet any brief. We revel in the unexpected, we respond to challenges and we’ll create the perfect event, so you don’t have to.

Please take time to leisurely browse through our website, talk to us +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website. Our experience and expertise spans many years and covers all forms of successful event production planning. We’d be delighted to work with you to plan, produce and stage your perfect event.