Let’s rebuild the work place with Team Building 

With everything that’s been going on, something to build and bond your team like team buidling is more important now than ever before. As lockdown starts to ease its time to think of idea’s to bring employees back to the office for many reasons.

For example working from home (WFH) has had many advantages but nothing can or will ever beat a professional working environment with colleagues.

Working together is not just about sitting at desks for endless hours, it’s the face to face contact, the bonds and friendships that are created which transcend working at home in individual isolation.

Team building is an important factor in the workplace and for a company, that why we have set out a number of team building ideas to bring your teams closer together.

Team building activities are a compelling tactic to level up your employee game. Something like a weekend getaway or after office hours activities, these events can give your company a competitive edge.

Perks of corporate event team building include:

-Reduced employee stress

-Improved collaboration skills

-Elevated performance,

-Better employee communication 

As a result, how do you arrange a team-building event that has the perfect balance of excitement and professional development?

Events by Knight have complied 14 unique and quirky ideas to inspire you for next team building event.

1 –  Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt never disappoints. All ages love thrill and adventure, and what better experience than finding clues and hidden items around a city. Find a beautiful outdoor venue, create groups, theme your scavenger hunt with trivia challenges, local treasures, or even a charity fundraising, and you are good to go.

2 – Surprise them with a treat

Who doesn’t love treats, especially surprise ones? For instance employees with a sweet tooth, surprise ice cream treats in the middle of the workday can take the excitement sky-high. Invite the all-time favorite ice-cream cart with lots of flavors and toppings, turn on fun music, and announce a break when it’s least expected.

3 – Have a board game tournament

Spark your co-worker’s competitive sides with board game-themed bonding time. Give your team member’s a dose of hilarity with a tournament-style afternoon offering a mix of classic board games as such monopoly, Jenga, or even playing cards. Draw extra attention by incentivising with prizes for the winning teams.

4 – Arrange a mystery lunch/dinner

Here’s a fun way to share victories and inside jokes among the co-workers who don’t get to meet each other during work hours. Send out different teams from various departments of your company to an all-expenses-paid lunch or dinner anywhere in the city. We name it a mystery lunch/dinner because the participants only get to know the date and time but not who they are going with.

5 – A cook-off

There’s always a couple of foodies in every company. And what better way to please your foodie employees than a cook-off? For instance you could organise teams and decide on a menu, and challenge each group to create delicious combinations using that one special ingredient.

6 – Build something for a cause

Team building can never go wrong with a group of people working to produce something worth sharing. The formula for this fun yet supportive activity is building, donating to charity, and savoring the rewards together. With trust and communication, the team will work on a crystal-clear objective to create a masterpiece.

7 – Silent disco

Get an outdoor location (could even be the office), decorate the space with aesthetic fairy lights and a beautiful backdrop, and arrange a music system for the perfect dance party. And not just any dance party, a silent disco with different channels of music to really enhance the atmosphere and fun.  

8 – Escape room

Only a bunch of witty minds will make it out of the room. Design an escape room with clues, hints, and hidden objects that require collective decisions, leadership, and collaboration. Through exciting scenarios, problem-solving, and adventure puzzles, a team will escape the room to feel a sense of shared victory.

9 – Karaoke night

Want to organize something for the extroverts in your office? A karaoke night sounds perfect. Get those extroverts out of their shell and onto the floor to sing classic karaoke hits. Announce bonus points for group performances.

10 – Idea workshops

These workshops are ideal for getting the best out of your employees. Ask different teams to come up with unique ideas or solutions about a problem the company could be facing. For a diverse experience, host the workshop at an off-site location.

11 – Minute to win it

Like the popular TV show, your event will offer one-minute tabletop challenges. Assign partners yourself or give the employees the freedom to choose their favourite partners. The pair with the best synchronisation is sure to score the highest.

12 – Go-kart racing

Mario fans will love this high-octane team-building event! Ignite a rivalry between the team members to reach the finish line in their self-powered go-karts.

13 – Trivia night

Trivia nights aren’t just for the bars. You could host an office trivia with a list of questions about the workplace. Divide your company into teams, provide buzzers, and get ready to engage folks.

14 – Two truths and a lie

This intimate team-building activity breaks the ice between team members to improve co-worker relationships. A group of members sit down in a circle and speak about themselves. Each person introduces themselves, followed by two truths and a lie. Others get to guess which of the three statements is a lie.

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