Virtual Online Platforms For Your Event

Virtual meeting software applications and digital platforms allows your team to communicate and interact over the internet, usually through video. Also known as online meeting software or virtual conference platforms, these apps can be used to host things like meetings, conferences, virtual happy hours, team building activities, games, or events for remote teams.

Video conferencing capabilities bring virtual teams together in real time. From the ubiquitous Zoom to little-known Jitsi Meet, these virtual meeting apps are ready for you and your remote teams to communicate without any restrictions. 

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1. Zoom

Zoom is probably THE most popular video conferencing platform. You can invite anyone to a Zoom meeting with a URL, even if your attendees do not have a Zoom account. Once team members click on the URL, they will instantly join a virtual room with the rest of the team. Zoom is ideal for hosting meetings, games and activities with virtual teams.

Google Meet Virtual Meeting


2. Google Meet

Google originally developed Google Meet as a video conferencing app for the company’s own customers. However, with Zoom’s surge in popularity, Google decided to offer Meet as a secure alternative. In order to use Google Meet everyone involved must have a Google Account.

Skype Virtual Conference App


3. Skype

Acquired by Microsoft in 2011, Skype was the original household name for video calls. The app now offers meetings for up to 50 participants accessible by a generated link. No registration or download required.

Cisco Webex Virtual Conference

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a video conferencing service originally intended for businesses. By signing up for Webex’s free plan, you can host meetings or games with up to 100 people for any duration.

Jitsi Virtual Meeting App

5. Jitsi Meet

For an open source option you can customize, consider Jitsi Meet for your next virtual meeting. Secured by strong encryption, this video conferencing service does not cost anything, require you to register, or limit the number of people you can invite.

Toasty Virtual Platform

6. Toasty

Toasty has built-in activities like icebreaker questions, conversation cards and polls. It also features an interactive meeting agenda which the host sets before-hand and allows all participants to follow along with the schedule and activities.

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7. Lifesize

Lifesize’s video conferencing app is a great alternative for teams seeking high quality 4K video, numerous integrations, and a secure experience. Lifesize is optimal for virtual team building activities due to its focus on high definition video, which makes it feel like your team members are in the room with you.

Jami Virtual Confernce Platform

8. Jami

Jami’s signature peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption should satisfy even the most security-aware members of your team.

Talky Virtual Meeting App

9. Talky

The most simple of the virtual meeting software options on this list, Talky does not require any downloads. Instead, the site generates a unique room URL, which you share with your team. Talky only allows six people per room, making it an ideal choice for small virtual meetings or conference calls.

Whereby App

10. Whereby

Working directly from your browser, Whereby does not require any additional downloads or registration from your team members. You can even play YouTube videos, which is perfect for any virtual activities that require shared video.


Virtual meeting software helps with team building and keeping a good working relationship going amongst your workforce while remote working is the norm. By bringing remote team members into the room using the power of the internet, these apps let your team share experiences and build camaraderie, even if members are spread across multiple locations.

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