There is no party like a House Party

With the onset of COVID-19 we are unsure of when we will be allowed to have parties or events again. With all event venues being closed and possible restrictions that maybe placed on the limit of guests allowed, post the pandemic, this could mean a House Party maybe the ideal option for you.

Here are our top tips to consider when planning your house party

Set a date

Choose your date and then inform all the guests you intend to invite to save the date. Think of dates that would work out best for you but also your guests, take into consideration bank holidays, half-terms, and seasonal holidays. This will enable you to avoid clashes with other major events that could be in the calender. You want as many of the guests you want to attend as possible.


Consider if there is or isn’t going to be a theme. This can help to decide on what the decoration should be for your event. It will totally be your decision; if you feel like having an 80’s disco party or a James Bond party – go for it, or if you just want to have a minimal affair, any option will and can work, it’s your choice.


Decide where in the house you are going to have the party, in the lounge, kitchen, garden or arrange a marquee – this will help to determine how much decoration will be required. If you are having it indoors, you may just need to move some furniture around to make space depending on the number of guests. If you are having a marquee set up, you will need to consider a lot more elements such as event production and design to get the marquee to a suitable standard to host your party.

Booking a DJ

Music is the back bone to every event and it’s what will either have your guests dancing the night away or wanting to leave the party early. Ensure you book an experienced DJ who can play the music you want to hear. There would be nothing worse than not enjoying your own party because the DJ didn’t understand your music brief.


Food glorious food! Are you going to do all the cooking yourself or will you need to hire in a professional company? This will depend on the number of guests, time and your skills in the kitchen. If you are having a small gathering and you are able to rustle up something that’s suitable, go for it. If you are considering a fairly large number of guests or you want something special, then hire a professional catering team that are experienced and will be able to provide an exceptional service leaving you to enjoy your party.

Drinks / Bar

Keeping your guests hydrated with an array of beverages will be another key to a successful House Party. I always advise having a professional bar team provide a fully stocked bar and service. This takes away so much stress knowing that you have a team providing your guests with a bar service.


Apart from your DJ, there are many ways you could give your guests an immersive experience. Options such as a photo booth, illusionist or a cocktail workshop all help to give your party something for guests to interact and remember about your party.

Set up a cloakroom

This is often overlooked a lot of the time.  Have a cloakroom set up with a system so coats and jackets are not just dumped on top of each other to avoid a hectic scramble at the end of the party and from guests climbing over each other to find their belongings.


Make sure your bathroom is exceptionally clean. Stack up on loo rolls, have clean towels, along with hand soap and lotion. It’s also nice to have a scented candle, incense or a fragrant diffuser. Make sure the bathroom is checked regularly.

Warn the Neighbours 

Inform your neighbours about your House Party. Let them know the timings and if they feel the music is too loud or someone has parked them in, not to have any hesitations to send you a text letting you know. Even better if you get on with them, invite them over and that way you won’t have any neighbours to make any complaints.


Its very important that you get this right. If you are having a day time house party and you will finish by early evening there isn’t too much to worry about. But if you are considering having your house party go onto the early hours of the morning, you will have to check that you will not be disturbing the peace. Check on your local councils website for information on this. Another tip – at 12 Midnight turn your party into a silent disco, that way you can continue the party for longer without disturbing the peace.

Don’t advertise your party on social media

The last thing you want is hundreds of strangers turning up to your house party uninvited that you don’t know. Your home is a precious space so only invite the people you really want to be there.


This will depend on the size of your party and if you feel its necessary to have. For house parties with large numbers it would be advisable. If it’s just a hand full of guests it’s not really required.

Greet your guests

Everyone likes to be greeted when they arrive to a house party. Nothing worse than seeing the host and hostesses running around looking stressed. Welcome them with a massive smile and express how happy you are they have taken the time to be with you.

Enjoy yourself

It might seem like an obvious tip, but with so much that will be going on you could forget. Remember even though it’s your house party HAVE A GREAT TIME!

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