What is Whereby?

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Whereby is a free video conferencing platform that is free from the hassle of downloading and installing apps that take up considerable space on your device. It is a Norwegian tool that was created in 2003. On Whereby, guests can join a meeting even without an account. Up to 50 participants can be accommodated in one Whereby room with no time limitation. It is a great option for corporate Virtual communication

A multitude of impressive features makes Whereby an excellent video conference app. The screen sharing and Google documents integration make it easier for teams to collaborate and elevate productivity. Besides, to encourage engagement and interaction, attendees can actively participate in the video call by sending live reactions to convey their thoughts or opinions.

During the call, chats are also supported. For a personalized touch, the Whereby app enables users to customize the meeting room backgrounds to match the brand color themes or just according to the user’s likes.

How to use Whereby?

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Although guests can join a meeting without logging in, you will have to log in to start a meeting. You can sign up using your existing Google or Facebook I.D or just sign up for a new account. Once you create a meeting room, you can share the link through messages, and anyone can click to join.

You can choose to turn the Toggle on to enable the Locked room settings. In a locked room, guests will need the host’s permission to enter the room. Video conference with screen sharing through Whereby is fully compatible on mobile phones too.

Whereby video conference app coupled with multiple features render it a highly interactive platform. These features make it a great platform to connect with people worldwide and work collectively. Whereby is secure and hassle-free that doesn’t require any detailed personal information except for an email address to start meetings. If you wish to host and record interactive sessions with many people, Whereby is the way to go.

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