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You probably arranged a fantastic birthday party once and thought you could do it again for your engagement party. While you may be right, chances are, you could be wrong.

Not because you do not have it in you, but because planning a milestone celebration like an engagement party can be stressful and time-consuming. The last thing you want is to be stressed out for your own engagement party.  

There are so many things to consider such as, the location, the venue, flowers, cake, catering, decorations, the guest list, managing everything pre the engagement party, during and after – and this is just to mention a few element.

This is were an event planner comes to your rescue. Hiring a professional event planner will take a massive weight off your shoulders while ensuring you have a seamless engagement event to remember forever. Check out the reasons for hiring an event planner.

They will save time and stress

Engagment party planners London

Engagements are whimsical! Hundreds of fine details and other aspects go into consideration for an engagement celebration. You will not realise how much time it takes to put everything in place until you fall short of time for your “Me time.” Handing over all the responsibilities to an event planner will save you time and stress, especially in times of unexpected emergencies. Expert event planners will gather your ideas, ask for a budget, and take care of the rest.


Have industry relationships and professional network

Engagement party ideas London

One of the benefits of hiring an event planner is the extended industry connections with vendors and suppliers. Over time, planners build relationships with their network, which gives you financial leverage. Not only will they find the perfect florist, caterer, makeup artist, or photographer, among others, but they also be able to strike up discounts for you.


Know how to nail a budget

Engagement party costs London

While you may be able to pull off an overall budget, allocating the right amount of money to a particular aspect of the event can be tricky. To avoid any mishap, provide your budget to an experienced planner and let them handle everything. Their expertise allows them to jot down every expense, review all the costings, and create a detailed payment schedule. All in all, event planners will stick to your budget without compromising on quality.


Always have alternate emergency plans

Engagement planning London

Picture this: You have an outdoor engagement celebration tonight, and it started raining! Do you have a plan B? an event planner is skilled to handle any last-minute changes with creative alternative plans. They will stay on the event site to manage any setbacks so that your engagement party remains un-ruined.


Magically transform the venue for you

Engagement party decorations London

Choosing a venue and decorating it so that your theme comes alive in style can be an overwhelming task. A venue, once selected, is not the final product, especially outdoor spaces that can be designed in multitude of ways. Whether it’s a formal seated dinner or a casual lounge theme, an engagement party professional will help you reimagine the space.


Book, the best photographer in town

Engagement party photographer London

Everyone loves memories! Instagram-worthy pre-event shoots are a thing these days, aren’t they? But finding yourself the right photographer to capture your memories with love is can be difficult. Yet again, an event planner has you covered, maybe even before the thought crossed your mind. As mentioned earlier, their extended industry relationships will help you find the top photographer in town who is skilled and equipped to make the most of your pictures.



Engagement party catering

All things aside, your engagement menu and catering need to be on point because food is everything! Since you haven’t dealt with many caterers before, you will most likely face unexpected situations during the event. Only a good event planner will provide suitable catering arrangements while arranging quality cuisines to wow your guests.


Your Story

Engagement Party Managment London

Engagements parties are about celebrating you and your partner’s love story, cultures, religions, and traditions. While it’s important to express both sides of the milestone celebration, the struggle can be real. However, a planner will guide you through a perfect blend of different cultures and religions to honor your new relationship.


Select the best event services for you

Engagement party entertainment London

Event planners will look into various entertainment options to roar up your engagement celebrations. Whether you want a DJ, live music, or cocktail flair bartenders, an engagement party planner will review and select the right services to fit your theme.


Your event will run seamlessly

The best event planners will ensure all aspects of your special occasion are organized and ready for the day. With the venue, decorations, catering, photography, entertainment services, and more set in place beforehand, your engagement party is sure to run smoothly with an experienced event planner working alongside you.

Now that you know how beneficial an event planner can be, you might want to hire one for your engagement party.

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