Christmas 2020 parties / events – Post Coronavirus Covid-19

Usually at this stage of the year we would be in the full swing of planning summer parties and events. 2020 is looking like the year that we will have to skip the season and look towards Christmas events. 

In the current climate of uncertainty it is totally understandable that the thought of a Christmas party helps to take our minds off what is a very difficult situation to comprehend. With no fixed confirmation if events will have restrictions, there are a few things to consider when booking your 2020 Christmas party or event. 

1. Postponement policy

Make sure you have a suitable postponement clause in place for your venue and suppliers.  We are unsure if social distancing rules will still be in effect and could make it near impossible to hold an event in December 2020. From all the venues and suppliers we are dealing with, all are being very flexible and understanding due the situation we are all in. Discuss everything with your venue and suppliers to ensure all parties are happy to move your event to another suitable date.

2. Venues

Explore a range of venues with options that will best meet your needs. Estimate the number of guests that may attend, taking into account there maybe number and distancing restrictions in place. At the moment it is too early to speculate on what the exact rules of engagement will be. Make sure you discuss all your requirements with your venue and and have a suitable agreement in place.

3. Catering 

Whether you decide to use in house or external caterers discuss the options that are available to you. Depending on your numbers (again this may depend on regulations) explore the ideas of a stand up or a casual reception. This will be best decided nearer the time once we know if there will be restrictions.

4. Entertainment 

Christmas entertainment will be key to really making your Christmas 2020 a success after the year we have all had. Ensure you choose the right entertainment to make this a Christmas party that everyone deserves.


Navigating and booking the right venue and suppliers as hard as it is, with the added element of Covid-19, things will be even trickier. Get in touch with us to discuss all your Christmas 2020 party requirements.

Information is being released daily / weekly, as soon as we know exactly what will be possible in regards to holding events, we will be sure to issue an update 

For more information, Contact: [email protected]