10 tips to make your product launch fun

Your product launch is a major event for your business. It’s the first step in increasing sales and an awareness of your product, services or brand. Your aim is to attract custom and achieve recognition, but successful promotion is not an easy task as even the best product will fail to sell if consumers aren’t aware it exists.

Events by Knight recognise the importance of product launches. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort into your product. It has to be a hit, otherwise everything you’ve put into it will have been for nothing. We know how challenging successful marketing can be. To help build brand awareness and get those sales pouring in, you need to create interest and stand out from the crowd. Based on our experience of planning similar events, we’ve put together 10 tips to make your product launch fun.

Make it memorable

If you’re just aiming to place your product on the market on a certain date, you’re failing to build excitement. You need people to enthuse and be as excited about your new product as you are. Get local businesses to donate prizes for a raffle, hire a band, entertainers and turn your event into a memorable occasion.

Personalise it

Hire a venue, design personalised invitations incorporating brand colours / logos and send them to pre-arranged guests. You could also have goody bags printed with your company name and brand, including trial versions of your product, and suitable mementoes.

Build suspense

Good PR is essential. Keep your guests in suspense about your product launch describing it with the bare details, yet with a promise of how your product can revolutionise or help their business. Run social media ads which keep your guests wanting to know more keeps your product to the front of their minds.

Teaser campaigns on social media

A further means of attracting an audience is with teaser campaigns on social media sites. Use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage by announcing that something special will soon be happening. You will then regularly post updates and images that will stir curiosity. Schedule your social media posts in advance, ensuring your content goes out a time which maximises engagement.

Create videos

Creating videos does take more time and effort than text posts, but are far more effective. People remember visual effects. You could create a ‘coming soon’ video featuring an element of the product or a series of videos leading up to your product launch.

Create a branded hashtag

Strategic use of social media is a fun way of attracting interest in a simple way. Creating a hashtag for your event and brand and use it to drum up the excitement with clues and hints again leading up to your event.

At your product launch event you can then encourage guests to display comments on a Live Tweet wall using the hashtag. This is an easy and effective way of promoting your product and event to a wide audience.

Giveaway contests

Giveaway contests increase brand awareness, build your social media followers and connect you with potential customers. By commenting on your social media accounts and perhaps tagging a friend, your audience will receive a free sample. Even if your ability to give freebies is limited, this strategy will still promote awareness and act as an advertisement for your brand.

Game adventures

Games are an excellent way of getting people to learn and understand your product. You could create challenges for guests and link them to your product, offer branded prizes, or perhaps run a treasure hunt related to your product launch at your venue. Encourage guests to communicate and exchange ideas with a view to creating a more dynamic and interactive event. Again, use the Live Tweet Wall for comments and instant promotion.

Unveiling your product

Unveiling your product is an occasion to celebrate. You need to make an impact. Tie in with décor and generate a party atmosphere. Use a confetti cannon at the appropriate moment and invite your guests to get hands-on with your product. They’ll be more likely to then recommend it to others.

Go Live

Broadcasting a live launch video stream to Facebook, YouTube etc is an exciting way to drive sales and encourage a loyal following. In addition, it will help you to stand out from the crowd. Persuade followers to watch your product launch event live by offering discounts, giveaways or surprise gifts and watch your brand gain instant credibility.

Regardless of the product you’re launching, Events by Knight can help you plan an effective strategy for a successful event. We’ve worked with many established global brands and high street names, taking time to understand their brand, product and audience to plan innovative product launches designed to excite and inspire.

Your product, brand and organisation need to reach and appeal to a wide target audience, so if you’re wrestling with suggestions for your product launch ideas, give us a call on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website. We’d be delighted to transform your thoughts and ideas into a product release that gets you noticed and others talking!