Entertainment Ideas for Your Corporate Event

So, it’s fallen upon you to come up with entertainment for a corporate event. You have to capture the attention of your audience and put your company on the map. But where do you start? Hasn’t it all been done before?

Take a deep breath and relax. Events by Knight are industry experts, and we’re more than happy to share our top 10 entertainment ideas to keep you ahead of the game.

1. Get out the Red Carpet

Why not start your event in style. Get out the red carpet, use rope barriers and paparazzi photographers. Pretend you’re in the spotlight and all the world’s your stage.

2. Singing Waiters

Have you seen the You Tube clips where waiters suddenly serenade guests in song? You could incorporate this into your event, or introduce singing waiters during a break, depending on the formality of your event.

3. Artists

Break the ice by hiring a caricature artist to sketch your guests. It creates a great talking point and gives them a personal gift to take home!

4. Magicians

Amaze your guests with a live magician to perform stunts and tricks, perhaps using smoke and special effects; a real show stopper.

5. Musical comedy groups or themed based music

Nothing makes an event come to life than good comedy, live music or a combination of the two. Why not give your event a Caribbean, Mexican or Brazilian flavour and get everyone moving to a traditional beat?

6. LED Dancers

Turn out the lights and watch a troupe of classical dancers or professional ballerinas in LED costumes dazzle the stage. It’s a stunning display that’s sure to please your audience.

7. Green Screen Photography

One of the more technical entertainment ideas is to hire a green screen photographic studio and transport your guests to a virtual world. There’s a wide range of backdrops available and your guests can take home a souvenir video or still photo of their adventures.

8. Celebrity Lookalikes

You’d like a famous actor or singer at your event, but don’t have the budget so why not hire a lookalike? George Clooney mingling with your guests or Shirley Bassey belting out a classic number would really get your audience guessing. Choose appropriately though, in keeping with the overall event.

9. Circus Acts

Have you considered bringing the circus to town? Trapeze artists and fire-eaters would steal the show and create a real buzz.

10. Toastmasters

All corporate events would benefit from a toastmaster to introduce guests and narrate, but humorous interludes throughout the night are bound to lift any atmosphere.
We hope all this has given you an appetite for what’s possible.

So whatever entertainment ideas you have, take a look at our entertainment packages here or give us a call on +44(0)203 130 4040 or leave a message. We’d be delighted to not only put your event on the map, but keep it there!