Corporate Event Entertainment

What makes a corporate event successful? Whether you’re planning a celebration, a product launch, a team building day or a charity event, there’s always so many things you’ll need to consider. However, no matter the event, it’s always important to consider all your guests and bring together a wide range of experience and event ideas in a professional way.

We, at Events by Knight, are experts in providing unique experiences and ideas for corporate event entertainment. We have a vast network of suppliers and industry contacts, and we understand that the difference between success and failure hinges on great planning. So, if you’re looking for popular ideas for corporate event entertainment and experiences, we’re happy to share 12 which we think are sure fire winners.

1. Games

Corporate events can be a bit samey, can’t they? Why not liven your event up a little with giant sized games – Connect 4, Jenga, for example? They’re bound to create an energetic vibe and lift the atmosphere.

2. LED Bars

Bright, vibrant, fun, a way to add funky lighting and increase your revenue! LED Bars always attract people, acting as a meeting point or a chill out zone. You could also hire LED chairs and tables for extra kudos.

3. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a popular trend, a fantastic way to get people mingling without the pressure of the actual event. Perhaps use them for team building exercises, games or just literally ‘escape’ rooms.

4. Silent Conferences

This is a way to talk to several groups at once without causing a chaotic atmosphere and it works well in both small and large groups. Your audience wear headphones and can concentrate on lectures and messages without general room noise.

5. Freebies

People always like to think they’re getting something for nothing, so use the opportunity to sell your brand and stand out from the crowd. Make it interesting though, with fresh items your guests will look forward to taking home.

6. A Corporate Comedian

Inject a bit of humour with a business related comedian who sees the funny side of working life. Seek out someone specialising in corporate event entertainment, but do make sure their content is appropriate for your guests.

7. A Caricature Artist

Engage a caricature artist to sketch your guests. Sketches can be projected onto screens as an entertainment idea or provided as take home mementos. Perhaps even a raffle prize!

8. Social Photo Booths

It’s the age of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, and people love posting selfies. Make it easy for them by providing a social photo booth where they can take stills, videos or GIFs and then share them straight to their social media accounts.

9. Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Feed your guests and wow them at the same time with interactive food and beverage stations. Creativity is the name of the game here, perhaps install a live stir fry station or a doughnut wall. Food and drink is always sure to please.

10. VR Games

Virtual Reality gives plenty of opportunities for corporate event entertainment. Through the use of a VR headset and controllers, your attendees can play games which aren’t possible in your venue. You could incorporate ideas for problem solving and team building tasks in this too.

11. Indoor Sports

Hire an artificial sporting pitch and appeal to your sporting guests – perhaps traditional games like football, or fun things like Quidditch, sack races, complete with your own cheer leaders.

12. Take it to Hollywood

Roll out the red carpet and create a stunning entrance with backdrops, Oscar statuettes, spotlights, photographic opportunities and dress to impress.

Corporate events are an opportunity be creative with exciting events and activities. Events by Knight can provide you with all you need for any of the ideas mentioned here and plenty more as well. Call us today on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us.