The party celebrations must go on

Events by Knight understand the importance of your son’s Bar Mitzvah. Far more than just his 13th birthday celebration, this is a milestone event and one you’ll have been thinking about for a long time.

Quite rightly, a Bar Mitzvah is an experience of a lifetime, a rite of passage with an opportunity to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones, and to create long lasting memories.

As a family you’ll have spent many months considering the finer details of the traditional Bar Mitzvah ceremony and your son will have studied, learnt and practiced his speeches. Now it’s time to eat, drink, relax, socialise and have fun. What could be better than a Bar Mitzvah garden party?

Perhaps you’re thinking that an outdoor garden party for such a special occasion would be impractical. The British weather is known for being rather unpredictable even in the summer months and hosting a Bar Mitzvah simcha at home brings added stresses. After all, there’ll be so many teenage guests to entertain and family members will be expecting a lavish event. The day needs to be remembered for all the right reasons. Is it really possible to hold a successful Bar Mitzvah celebration in the garden and still remain cool, calm and collected?

Advantages to holding a garden based Bar Mitzvah

We think an outdoor Bar Mitzvah simcha would be fun, friendly, intimate and personal. Unique, in fact, as outdoor events do make wonderful experiences.

Outdoor celebrations provide you with a totally blank canvass. They’re a readymade backdrop awaiting your personal finishing touches – individual layouts for tables and seating arrangements, areas for music and entertainment, activities for all ages, and quieter spaces for guests to mingle.

Children and young people love the great outdoors and you’ll find that outdoor photography exudes a positively upbeat atmosphere, vibrant with natural light and colour.. Evening events with carefully planned lighting can also bring out an almost magical charm, the end to a perfect day. Your son has performed his Bar Mitzvah responsibilities and can now  enjoy a well-deserved celebration.

Controlling the Uncontrollable

Outdoor events do carry certain risk – sudden changes in temperature, downpours of rain, gusty winds etc, not to mention equipment failure and the health and extra safety measures when dealing with cabling or external structures.  However, the risk of complications can easily be overcome. Hiring a professional events company such as Events by Knight to take over the planning, design and implementation of your event, enables you to share your son’s special occasion free from worry and undue stress.

We really do plan for the unexpected. Whether that’s back up generators, accessories and supplies or providing luxury event style marquees and stretch tents with seating  to your preferred style and choice. Risk mitigation strategies are vital and we always have a Plan B in place.

Perfectly Created, Perfectly Celebrated

Events by Knight are well-established within the Jewish communities and understand the traditional features of a Bar Mitzvah simcha. This gives us an instinctive grasp of the schedule of events and the creativity to design a personalised event from start to finish.


A Bar Mitzvah meal is an extremely special occasion bringing together all generations as well as the traditional blessings. It’s important to cater for all ages, dietary needs and of course observe the cultural requirements of kosher cuisine. Again, Events by Knight are experienced in catering for all types of Bar Mitzvah events. We’ll provide tables, seating, décor, accessories, candles, etc, and design full menus to meet the needs of your guests and also your budget.            


Perhaps you’d like a theme related to a sport, movie or hobby incorporated into the décor and activities for your event. We’re able to make dreams a reality, so whether you’d like a Hollywood star studded theme, a more traditional styled event – or something somewhere in the middle to keep everyone happy, we have the expertise and design capability to create it.     


A celebration isn’t complete without entertainment and with a large number of teenagers attending it’s vital to get this right. Do you want a live band or singer, a disco and a DJ to include games and activities? Options are unlimited, take time to research and come up with ideas or ask us for specialist advice. We know what’s trending, what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t,

Presentations and Photography

Often a common feature of Bar Mitzvah simchas, a video montage highlighting your son’s journey in life brings out the personal touch, especially if you can include photos of many of the guests as well as baby and childhood photos. It makes guests feel special, included and part of the day.

You’ll also want photographic keepsakes of your special day, perhaps even photo booths for the teenagers to take away instant selfies. We have an extensive database of reputable suppliers, vendors and service providers with impressive portfolios. Furthermore, we’re able to secure you the best rates for the day.

Let Events by Knight manage your outdoor Bar Mitzvah simcha

Putting together any form of outdoor garden celebration requires time, effort and careful thought as well as access to appropriate resources and equipment.  Here, our expertise and knowledge is invaluable. Our Bar Mitzvah celebrations are guaranteed to impress and a pleasure to attend, reflecting individuality, style and attention to detail.   

Come and Talk to Us

We love planning exciting events and gradually seeing them come to life. Tell us about your ideas, themes, colours, catering requirements, number of guests, age range and your budget and we’ll work with you to achieve it.

Events by Knight create bespoke tailor made events fully designed around you. From start to finish – layouts, schedules, equipment and accessories, heating, lighting, music, entertainment, catering, no outdoor Bar Mitzvah is too big for us, and similarly none will ever be too small.

We’ll create, plan, design and take care of everything, leaving you to relax, mingle with guests and enjoy your son’s milestone celebratory occasion.

We’d love to hear from you. If we can assist in any aspect of creating the perfect outdoor garden Bar Mitzvah, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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