Business As Usual – The corporate world is always open

Social distancing has caused a massive shift in the way companies run their day to day operations. Regardless of company size, the entire corporate world has had to reconsider how it communicates not only with its own employees who may now be working remotely, but how to effectively get the ‘business as usual’ message across to potential new clients.

Good news ! With conferences and large scale events having to be cancelled owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can still host presentations and speeches, reach geographically dispersed clients, hold branded events with thousands of attendees and even attract far bigger audiences.

Our Virtual Conference platform provides practical, logical, seamless alternatives to physical events, but with extra added benefits including:

Interactive Networking Areas

We’ve built in audio and chat features which enable your delegates and colleagues to network and engage with each other via live chat or break out rooms for extra confidentiality.

Pre-recorded and Live Presentations

Bespoke experiences, tailormade to suit your requirements. Pre-recorded content can be streamed at a scheduled time, or presented live – giving you extra opportunity to reach a global audience

Post-Event Content

Keep your brand in the spotlight and maintain event momentum. Create dedicated spaces to post updates, resources, extra information etc

Sponsor and Exhibitor Areas

Open revenue streams with virtual booths and exhibition halls to showcase products

Event metrics

Management and feedback tools are a unique feature of video conferencing. Measure specific performances of your programme and gain valuable insights into audience behaviour.

Planning a Virtual Conference

Regardless of the size, nature and objectives of your planned event, we can help you design, plan, implement and hold the perfect tailor made online conference experience. We’ll pull together all the elements needed to make your conference a success – both in terms of the technological online logistics, but also providing an engaging, interactive experience for your colleagues, delegates and global guests.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a traditional live physical event while benefiting from so much more… Let virtual conferencing become the new reality with Events by Knight’s new end to end virtual conference planning service. We’ll take your vision, add our expertise and create a virtual conference event to be proud of.

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