Celebrating Your Graduation – A Party Planning Guide

Congratulations! All those late nights spent studying have paid off – you’ve graduated and it’s time to celebrate in style.

Forget the family barbecue or drinks at the local bar, celebrating your graduation is a very special occasion and needs a bit more thought. Let Events by Knight, party planning specialists, turn your graduation celebration into the talk of the town. Here are our suggestions:

Act like a celebrity

It’s your time to shine, so why not hold a celebrity theme party? Think red carpets, barriers to keep out crowds and of course your parents and family friends as paparazzi, taking the all important snaps. Enjoy your moment, play up to the cameras in true showbiz style and then print off all the photos for your fellow graduates to take home as a memory of their special day.

Have an alternative awards day

How about hosting an awards ceremony with a difference and turning your event into a fun night with personal awards?

You could give out trophies or imitation Oscars for the ‘Most Messiest House-Mate’ or ‘The Student Who Did the Least Studying.’ Get the picture?

Or you could think about future careers and award individual titles – ‘Most likely to work in Tesco’ or ‘Most likely to become Prime Minister’

Play some silly games

A party isn’t complete without some games, but keep them simple, fun and light hearted. Devise university themed games and play ‘Guess the Teacher.’ Write teacher’s names on cards, tape them on graduates’ backs and have everyone giving out clues until all teachers have been identified. Of course, the sillier, the better!

Set up a Photo Booth

A graduation party isn’t complete without photos, but forget the traditional mortar board and gown photos that all parents love. This is your chance to be different. Why not provide a range of dressing up props – feather boa, wigs, glasses, hats, scarves, custom jewellery, etc – disposable cameras (or professional photographer) and a makeshift photo booth – then see who can be the most original. Can you even recognise your class mates?

Childhood Food

Graduating is about taking a step into adulthood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a child for one more day.

We think food should be simple fun, colourful and informal. Your friends will want to mingle, so why not provide bowls of sweets to remind them of their childhood. Flying saucers, marshmallows, lollipops, aniseed balls, gobstoppers, or even fruit sticks – skewered chunks of fruit in bowls of ice all ready to dip into popping candy, sprinkles and sauces.

How ever you’re planning on celebrating your graduation, remember that Events by Knight are specialists in creating tailor made events. In fact, it’s our passion. From venues to entertainment, themed props and surprise ideas, we’ll be delighted to provide all you need in celebrating your graduation to mark the end of your student days in unique style.

Talk to our event planners today on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website. We’ll make sure your graduation celebration is indeed re-markable!!