Let’s get the party started

Accomplished DJs give any outdoor event that extra pizzazz and flair, not only working to any given theme or occasion,  but also picking up on the mood of the guests. They’re intuitive, entertainers in themselves, and able to read the subtle signs of what’s needed rather than merely filling dance floors with popular music of the era. They understand the niche of small intimate gatherings and celebratory events whether that’s formal or more relaxed and friendly.  

Music as the backbone

We all have favourite tracks we love to dance to, reminisce over or use to capture either a romantic or sophisticated mood, Music sets the scene, it’s a universal language which dictates the pace of a party and brings everyone together as the backbone of any event.  Here we take a look at the role of the DJ and examine how Events by Knight can match an individual style to any outdoor event.

Open format (or multi genre) DJs

Open Format DJs carefully gauge the mood of the moment and play music from a broad spectrum, appealing to all age groups and musical tastes. This DJ style makes use of a broad armoury, dipping into their extensive repertoire to keep guests engaged and in the zone, whilst expanding their musical horizons where appropriate.  They keep the momentum going with a quick transition between genres, skilfully blending the flow of music, even adding in guest requests in a creative style.  

Specific genre DJs

As the term implies, specific genre DJs cater for a particular type of music perhaps geared towards a nuanced audience. Hip hop, R&B, jazz, blues and soul, garage, grunge, are all popular styles and a DJ solely concentrating on a specific genre will be able to dedicate a chosen musical genre to an event and keep the music flowing throughout. 

Master of Ceremony DJs

DJs can be wonderful master of ceremonies, making announcements, presenting gifts or prizes, and acting as a co-ordinator or host to really make an event come to life. They’re highly professional entertainers, capable of both lifting an audience and making an occasion more memorable by ad hoc additions, humour and party insight.

Female DJs

No longer a male domain, female DJs are rising in popularity bringing a personalised slant to a function and fitting in perfectly with a niche audience, perhaps at a hen night or ladies only event. Their record spinning expertise is definitely on a par with their male counterparts and again their professionalism is in adapting to the mood of the guests, whether that calls for a delicate, feminine vibe or a more upbeat and lively one.

DJs playing with musicians

DJs working alongside professional musicians adds extra glamour and glitz. The combination of DJ recording skills with a live saxophonist, percussionist or electric violinist gives a unique twist for any musical repertoire. Your guests will love the individual flavour, especially if live musicians play requested tunes.

Events by Knight provide professional DJs for all occasions 

Events by Knight love outdoor events and are able to provide DJs for all occasions.  Whether you’re hosting a birthday or anniversary celebration, wedding celebration or a casual get together with friends, the ultimate aim of our DJs remains the same – to keep the music flowing, your guests entertained and the party successful.

We’re dedicated and passionate experts in outdoor event planning and regularly provide selected DJs for events of all sizes, complete with appropriate sound equipment, lighting, cabling and relevant accessories. Safety is paramount in our planning. Risk assessment measures are always in place to guarantee our outdoor events comply with any updated guidelines with regard to Covid-19 as well as general health and safety conditions for all guests.  We bring peace of mind, reassurance and take the stress and worry out of event planning.   

Come and talk to us

Events by Knight create bespoke tailor made events fully designed around you, your themes and your guests. We’ll listen to your ideas and put forward a complete schedule for your event incorporating your preferred style of music accompaniments and DJ to cater for your guests on the night.  

We’d love to hear from you, so if we can assist in any aspect of musical creation for your outdoor event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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