Video Production Services

We understand the importance of communication and now more than ever when throwing an event, having high quality video content – both live streaming and pre-recorded is vital to the smooth running of an event from family celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to corporate affairs such as conferences, seminars and events, professional video content ensures that you can set the tone of the event and present to your attendees and guests the content you prefer, in the manner you intend, with nothing left to chance, here’s how…

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right location to complement your video content is crucial. Top of the list is finding an area of the venue with lots of natural light. There is only so much a videographer can do in a dark, dingy room. Whilst our event videographers are always prepared for low light environments nothing beats natural light. If your venue lacks natural light, make sure that you have decent lighting options.

Hire A Pro

Do you want to hire a professional videographer? Event videography is actually much harder than it looks! A professional videographer is constantly aware of their surroundings, manoeuvring through the crowd whilst trying to capture people in the best light. Hire a pro! It’s one less thing to worry about and at Events By Knight we certainly are pro’s. Our event portfolio will show you just what we are capable of and how we can use our skills and expertise at your event.

Prepare A Brief

Writing a brief is the ideal scenario for your videographer. How do you plan to use the video content? Already have an idea of what sort of video content you want? Write it down and ask your videographer to incorporate that. Creating a tight brief will decrease room for error and align expectations on both sides. Videographers aren’t mind-readers, so giving them a heads up on what you’re looking for can save a lot of time, money and disappointment.


Preparation is key to making sure your event runs smoothly. This also applies to your event’s video content. Our videographers usually have a site visit to understand the space. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to prepare:

  • Have I notified my guests that the video will be taken?
  • Are there any interesting spaces in the venues I want the video to cover?
  • Have I sent my videographer the event schedule and brief?

Your event day is finally here and you have ticked off everything from your list. Your event videographer should be well briefed and ready to get stuck into the action. At this point, let them do what they do best – capturing your event! 

We would certainly be happy to assist you to develop video content for your event and please do not hesitate to give us a call +44(0)20 130︎ 4040︎︎ or send us an email [email protected] to learn exactly how Events by Knight can help.

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