Taking a look back at some of our events

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, we have not been able to produce any live events since the announcement was made on the 23rd March 2020. So we have decided to look back at some of our favourite events we produced, taking the time to look at what will be possible in the future.

There is nothing I like more than producing events and not being able to do it has been extremely testing, but we know in time we will get back to putting together events that will be remembered for years to to come

1. Festival Themed Event

We transformed this amazing garden and pool room and provided all the entertainment for the event for the Summer party for a client of ours.

2. Loft Studios

We transformed the entire studio into a neon enchanted wonderland and provided all the entertainment which made this a totally immersive event.

3. Prince Regent 

We did a full transformation of the entire banqueting suit and provided all the activities and entertainment and turned this into a truly fun party with loads to do for all the guests.


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