Harley’s Virtual Bar Mitzvah – ZooMitzvah

With all that is currently going on with the lockdown and uncertainty as to when we are able to do live events again, we have learnt to adapt to the circumstance and mark special occasions online. A Bar Mitzvah is one of those exceptional moments in a boy’s life that must be celebrated. We all want and need to be safe but this doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate, connect and have fun at the same – Virtual Events to the rescue.

This is exactly what we did for Harley’s Bar Mitzvah celebration. With over 100 guests online from all over the UK logged on and everyone in the party mood to celebrate with Harley and his family, we had an amazing ZooMitzvah


Since not being able to celebrate Simchas in live settings we have adapted to celebrating and connecting via the virtual platform Zoom. Working with some of the best technical teams and producers, we are able to create online Bar/Bat Mitzvah events that create fun. The word ZooMitzvah was created in March 2020 as a way of terming online Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s taking place on the Zoom platform.


No party would be complete without entertainment. For Harley’s Bar Mitzvah we had DJ KNIGHT hosting the entire event and DJing, Michael G who gave an engaging and immersive magic show, a celebrity message from world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and video recorded messages from Harley’s friends and family.

What was involved?

For Harley’s ZooMitzvah we formulated a timetable that included his entrance, Simcha dancing, speeches and disco dancing. All remotely controlled by our technical team. The whole event takes place on the Zoom platform with guests given a Zoom link and password invitation.

How does a ZooMitzvah actually work?

The whole event is controlled remotely by highly skilled Zoom technicians who operate the entire event and handle all the elements such as visual mixing, sound, visual backdrops and spotlighting. This allowed the hosts of the party to relax and not worry about trying to run their own Bar Mitzvah which would be extremely stressful and not fun.

Number of guests

With Virtual events we are no longer limited by time or space; you are able to invite as many guests as you would like and from anywhere in the world. So long as you have a good internet connection a ZooMitzvah celebration can be enjoyed with all your friends and family from literally anywhere.

Length of party

The whole event was meant to last for an hour, but the atmosphere and mood was so good that we continue and partied for over 2 hours. Length of time all depends on what you have planned for your ZooMitzvah and is all a matter of preference.


Another benefit of doing a Bar Mitzvah on Zoom is you can have the entire ZooMitzvah event recorded and it can be kept as a memento of the celebration. As it is done on the Zoom platform you don’t have to have a separate videographer to capture your event.

Considering a having a ZooMitzvah?

If you are thinking of hosting your own online Bar/Bat Mitzvah event, get in touch as we would be more than happy to discuss ZooMitzvah ideas.

Do not hesitate to give us a call +44(0)20 130︎ 4040︎︎ or send us an email [email protected] to learn exactly how Events by Knight can create the right ZooMitzvah experience for you