What is Lifesize app?

As the name suggests, Lifesize is an app dedicated to providing life-like virtual sessions owing to its ultra-high-definition video and crystal clear audio quality. The only barrier is a screen; otherwise, all members are connected in real-time with a Lifesize conference.

The Lifesize app is a professional-grade tool for hosting unlimited secure meetings. It provides the ease and experience of a face-to-face meeting. It also enables specifying moderators that can control the audio/video settings of other participants.

How to use Lifesize video conferencing?

The Lifesize download is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, the web browser version is also available, which requires no registration or Lifesize login. To create a Lifesize meeting, log in and tap on Create Meeting, choose the type of meeting, name, and other settings.

Tap on the Share icon to invite participants through any app you like. Guests can join a Lifesize conference without signing up as Lifesize automatically creates an id upon joining. Live webinars with up to 10,000 viewers can be started and recorded for later use.

You can also integrate your account with other apps like Slack or Outlook for a seamless communicating experience.

Productivity is improved immensely with the Lifesize video conferencing app owing to its ease and high-quality tools. With 4K video quality, the Lifesize app warrantees a frictionless online session for various purposes, including business or education.

The mobile-friendly Lifesize app makes it a highly accessible and versatile platform for conducting remote meetings from anywhere, anytime. The high standard security makes it optimal for business use as it protects the data with end-to-end encryption.

Hence, it is a reliable platform to share critical data and hold secure meetings. All in all, the Lifesize app is remarkable, with an intuitive interface to make your workflow smoother. So, if you want to connect more interactively with your team, Lifesize is the way to go.

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