Kosher caterers for your event

Kosher food implies all or any ingredients and dishes that are prepared and obtained from sources that are religiously compliant with traditional Jewish laws. There are a few rules according to which a food is labeled safe for consumption by Jews.

Since finding Kosher food can be a bit hard at non-kosher events or places, we have created a list of all the caterers that bring the best kosher cuisines to any venue or location for your event.

Here is a list of the top Kosher caterers

Ben Tenenblat

At Ben Tenenblat, we provide exquisite menus for every occasion. We aim to make every event delightful with the provision of the finest cuisines regardless of the size of the event.  The culinary experts at Ben Tenenblat produce high-quality and aesthetic feasts for your events.

Tel: 020 8205 0463
[email protected]

Celia Clyne Banqueting

Celia Clyne Banqueting strives to provide magnificent venues with the finest quality of food. The dedicated and highly trained team at Celia Clyne ensures that all events are up to the level of perfection. We have a multitude of venues and a diverse menu to choose from.

Tel: 0161 705 1223 (Manchester)
Tel: 020 7111 1223 (London)
[email protected]

Cohen’s Caterers

If you are looking to bring your imaginations to life, Cohen’s Caterers have got you covered. With the help of our professional team, we excel at creating magical venues accented with the menu of your choice. We ensure that all our catering services maintain the highest standards at all times.

Tel: 07853 721787
[email protected]

Creme de la Creme

In line with our name, we bring the best of everything to your events. From beautiful and meticulously crafted dishes to a fresh and authentic french taste, Creme de la Creme is a top-notch caterer for a perfect and memorable simcha.

Tel: 020 8458 9090

Mob: 07800 817193
[email protected]

Daniels Catering

Daniel’s Bakery has an extensive and mouth-watering collection of traditional delights. From savory and sweet baked items to fresh salads, small and huge gatherings, Daniel’s catering guarantees an exceptional service on all fronts.

Tel: 020 8455 5826
Mob: 07931 576779
[email protected]


We aim to tailor our menu and venue according to our client’s choices and budget. The Dvash team, along with the internationally renowned Chef Meir Adoni, brings the perfect mix of eastern and western Kosher cuisines. We cater to high-profile events and intimate gatherings alike.

Tel: 020 8200 8111
[email protected]

Eat Me Events

Eat Me Events and Caterings portrays passion and effort in its food. The cuisines offered by us are plentiful and attractive. We display finesse and meticulous efforts in the feasts prepared for turning your Simchas into delightful experiences.

Tel: 020 3772 0810
[email protected]

Evelyne Kosher Banquets

Catering to a variety of events ranging from bar mitzvahs to wedding ceremonies, Evelyne Kosher brings innovative cuisines to life. We assure to delight and satisfy our clients and the guests with our outstanding dishes and efficient services.

Tel: 020 8202 5458
[email protected]


We at Ezri cultivate a memorable experience for our clients. Our highly skilled team takes care of all your event details. From creative and exquisitely decorated venues to delightful menus, Ezri has got you covered.

Tel: 020 8556 6666
[email protected]

Feast by Ed Shaerf

By learning and taking inspiration from the best chefs like Gordon Ramsay, we craft and present food made with impeccable detail, resulting in high-quality cuisines. We cater to all kinds of events, from lavish weddings to a dinner for two

Tel: 0161 834 884
[email protected]


Goldstein’s caterers specialize in the baking arena. We provide a range of aromatic delicacies prepared with passion using the freshest ingredients. We design and deliver to your doorstep only the highest quality of your favorites delicacies.

Tel: 020 8801 1999
[email protected]

Itzik Caterers

The itzik team is professional and skilled at crafting bespoke menus for any type of occasion. Our culinary experts consistently maintain the quality and taste of our cuisines. We cater to the venues with our excellent services to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Tel: 020 8438 9891
Mob: 07971 056543
[email protected]

James A. Zimmer

At James A Zimmer, we redefine catering to reach perfection. We create magical events by setting up spectacular decor and augmenting the celebration with the finest kosher cuisines presented beautifully to delight the guests.  We ensure quality and excellence at all times.

Tel: 020 8830 8330
[email protected]

Jasmine Catering

Whether you are hosting a small intimate party or a huge corporate event, we can provide a range of delectable kosher menus. Our trained staff efficiently manages and serves fresh and authentic dishes prepared with immaculate attention to detail. We render event management effortless and smooth.

Tel: 020 8951 0100

Jason Millan

The super-skilled chefs at Jason Millan create culinary masterpieces that are tailored to the host’s taste and preferences. We also display the meals with attention to detail to result in a perfect event.

Tel: 020 8207 3420
[email protected]

Just Perfect

We live up to our name by bringing the most outstanding menus crafted with excellence. We ensure a smooth and well-organized event complete with kitchen and bar staff to cater to all your worries. We also personalize the menus according to your choice.

Tel: 020 8202 5000
[email protected]

Kosher Deli Catering

Catering service by us brings fresh and authentic kosher meat right to your doorstep. We make available a range of meat including Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, etc. Whether you are looking for pre-packed meat or wish to get your meat cut as per your preference, Kosher Deli will be at your service.

Tel: 020 8381 4450
[email protected]

Litke Caterers

Litke Caterers is a complete package for your Simchas. We have a diverse team of specialists in every field, from innovative and delectable culinary art to magical event planning and decor. We assist in setting up events and then making them a success.

Tel: 020 3332 0555
[email protected]

London Kosher Caterer

Formerly Paul Berlin

We pride ourselves on offering quality food and service that stands unparalleled. By using the finest raw materials, we turn everything into something memorable. Our chefs ensure aesthetic and delightful cuisines while the managing team coordinates to present the best Simcha possible.

Tel: 020 8455 5136
[email protected]

M&M Events

At M&M, we offer catering services for a variety of events, whether social or professional. Our highly-skilled and dedicated team crafts a menu based on the client’s particular specifications, and we deliver according to client needs. Whether you need our freshly prepared food delivered at your doorstep or cooked on-premise, we offer it all.

Tel: 020 7781 8141
[email protected]

Malcolm Green

KLBD supervised when catering in UK.

The Malcolm Green team specializes in creating and delivering food that is the best in quality. All our dishes have a perfect appearance and exquisite taste owing to the fresh and high-quality ingredients and techniques used to prepare them.

Tel: 020 3393 6823
[email protected]

Mango Events

Our vision is to bring the best quality and taste of kosher food to our clients and their guests. The food is prepared with passion and attention to detail resulting in elegantly presented and served cuisines that transform any Simcha into a delightful dining experience.

Tel: 07983 595518
[email protected]

Manna Deli Catering

We at Manna Deli aim to bring an assortment of exotic food items right to your events. Our menu is a collection of a variety of cuisines; all prepared to maintain the highest standard of quality. We also cater to your Simchas regardless of the event type. We serve with dedication and attention to detail in every aspect.

Tel: 020 8201 7575
[email protected]

Pardes Catering

The Pardes Catering company strives to bring the best services at an affordable price. We cater to huge lavish weddings or small birthday parties alike. Our aim is to dazzle your guests with an event that is perfected through complete attention to detail.

Tel: 020 8806 7774
[email protected]

Penashe (Fun Foods)

We hope to make your events as joyous and delightful as possible by extending our efficient services. We prepare and deliver culinary delicacies that are too good to forget. We make your Simchas memorable while you sit back and enjoy your celebration.

Tel: 07768 333763
[email protected]

Reich Caterers

With years of experience, we provide the perfect blend of traditional and conventional dishes to satisfy all kinds of palates. We take care of your private or corporate events by bringing the best service provided by award-winning, highly skilled professionals.

Tel: 020 8459 2587
[email protected]

Rochelle Sassoon Catering

The Rochelle team strives to organize your Simchas to perfection. We take matters into our own hands and plan your events from start to finish, making them memorable by extending our services and delivering bespoke cuisines that leave your guests delighted.

Tel: 020 8450 6900
[email protected]

Royale Cuisine

The Royale Cuisine takes care of all the event details. We serve to bring your ideas to life and transform your Simchas with our outstanding event management coupled with flavor-packed kosher food. We also cater to your kosher needs at any restaurant or place you are staying.

Tel: 020 8808 3316
[email protected]

Sylvia Catering

Sylvia Catering is all about bringing a variety of delicious kosher food to your Simchas. Our menu is a fusion of diverse traditional and innovative conventional dishes, all carrying an excellent taste and unbeatable quality. Our clients are like family, and we serve with a passion to give the best of our efforts.

Tel: 020 8958 985
[email protected]

Taste by Alexia – Kosher Fine Dining

We are committed to redefining banquetting and catering by the provision of excellent and hygienic kosher food. Our team portrays the highest level of professionalism and delivers only the most flavorsome cuisines to any location where needed.

Tel: 020 8066 3304
[email protected]

Tony Page

The team of Tony Page Catering functions under the umbrella of excellence. From high-quality and personalized menus to efficient event management, Tony Page makes every Simcha smooth and joyful for the client and guests alike. The cuisines are prepared with fresh ingredients to result in exquisite dishes.

Tel: 020 8830 4000
[email protected]


Josepha White Party Food

We extend our excellent and flawless catering services for every kind of private or corporate event, regardless of the size of the event. Our food is freshly prepared and elegantly presented in disposable platters. We provide special menu services for charity events and craft bespoke menus considering client preferences.

Tel: 020 8346 2367
Mob: 07879 658653
[email protected]

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