Music Options For Your Event – Get Your Party Started

A successful event needs to look good and sound good. Incorporating music options for your event  means your guests will not only be entertained but will take away longer lasting impressions.

Obviously you’ll need to consider the music options for your event which are in keeping and appropriate with the nature of your event as well as age group of your guests, but do bear technology in mind too. The days of playing CDs from a ghetto blaster are over.

Events by Knight are masters of the music scene. Having worked with the best in the industry, we know what rocks, so let us offer a few pointers on music options for your event.

Jazz Bands for Corporate Events

If you’re looking to give your event an air of sophistication, a jazz band is the perfect answer. Live jazz or a swing band will never fail to impress, and are a great way to either open or close an event.

Acoustic Band

Roaming acoustic bands are a popular trend for corporate events. Hire three or four musicians who can move from table to table, interact with guests and get them in a lively mood.

Live Dance Band

Whether you’re looking for a 12 piece band or a rock trio, a live band will get your guests up on the dance floor. Either tailor the music towards the age group of guests or provide a wide selection of genres and create a real buzz.

Party Music

Possibilities for party music are endless, but again you do need to consider the age group of your audience. Themes could include songs from a particular era, love songs, country and western or traditional twist, swing, rock n roll to favourite groups.

Barbershop Quartet

A group of four who sing a four group harmony improvising the instrumental effects. Think Flying Pickets acapella style – using voice to create musical sounds.

Silent Disco

A popular new concept using wireless multi-channel headphones. Let your guests dance away to music of their choice via their headphone receivers. Those without headphones won’t hear any music, that’s why it’s called a Silent Disco and it’s all the rage.

Whichever type of music you choose for your event, do bear in mind the acoustics of your venue, equipment needed and budgets. Alternatively, leave the planning to Events by Knight. We’ll attend to the finer details, the speakers, the cabling, the technology so you don’t have to, and we’ll organise the perfect musical accompaniment for your event.

So, whether you’re looking for rock, jazz, classical, pop or the peace and quiet of a silent disco, give us a call on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us and let’s get the party started.