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Fun, engaging, and about as far-removed from the day to day grind as you can imagine – corporate team building events provide the ideal opportunity to bring your employees together in a setting that’s not the workplace.

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Corporate team building events are becoming more and more popular, but why is this?

Are they just a fun method of rewarding staff for their hard work and contributions? Or, are they a way of ensuring your employees are able to work together as a team?

We think there’s definitely an element of both these factors. Effective corporate team building events can have real long term benefits across all levels of your organisation, so why not make your team feel appreciated and valued with fun filled outdoor activities?   

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What can a team building event do for your business?

A team building event will get the whole team out of the office. It will enable them to focus on something new together, something totally unrelated to their workload and most importantly it will help them to form deep friendships, get to know one another better, and increase morale.

An outdoor corporate event, in particular, is seen as a fantastic means of getting out to enjoy the fresh air, channel energy, let off steam and develop the social side of relationships.

By working together interactively on fun problem solving activities, you’ll notice your team bonding better, communicating more effectively and learning and understanding more about each other. This should then translate into effective working relationships within the office and perhaps even greater productivity. 

Creativity is key

Team building events can often seem uninspiring, tired, a bit of a chore, and that’s because many organisations repeat the same activities year after year. Creativity is key, You need a outdoor corporate event which will motivate your employees, engage and inspire them to talk about the day as a memorable occasion.

To avoid falling into the trap of the same old, same old, think about how you can let your creativity flow. With a little imagination, creativity and flair, opportunities are endless.   

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Make use of the green spaces around your premises or spread out into a larger park

London in particular has vast open spaces and sporting facilities. Why not take advantage of the summer sun and hold themed sports days, inflatable team games, obstacle courses, treasure hunts or outdoor fun based workshops, circus skills, for example?

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Encourage healthy competition and team work

Nothing builds team work better than introducing a competitive element. Encourage your team to problem solve by designing and building items against the clock, Hold a soap box derby or a murder mystery / escape day where teams have to use their initiative to solve clues?

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Outdoor Themed Events

Favourite films, games, music, animals….think up your own topical theme. Themed events are popular and easily bring everyone together either competitively or for fun.

Have fun with water

Everyone loves a good splash, right? From kayaking or boating to rigging up rafts on lakes, leisure pursuits make great team bonding exercises.    

How can Events by Knight help?

If you’ve never organised a team building event before, it’s difficult to know where to start. No one likes forced fun. Ask your team for ideas? Do they like sport? Themed events based around movies, games, music, topical items?

We know from experience that if your employees don’t share your enthusiasm for an idea, it’s likely to end up being a disaster. It will become a meaningless chore for them, and  result in a lot of wasted time and effort which could have been better spent elsewhere.

This is where Events by Knight’s expertise and knowledge proves invaluable.  As professional award winning event planners we fully understand the challenges of putting together outdoor corporate events. Experience also tells us what ‘ticks the boxes’ for employees, i.e. what people enjoy, and importantly, what doesn’t tend to go down too well.    

We eliminate the hard work. We come prepared with an extensive array of popular ideas and themes for successful outdoor corporate events.

We’ll listen to your requirements, your ideas and plans, and we’ll create, design and implement a bespoke event around your organisation and your corporate image. We’ll run through agendas and schedules with military precision and deliver your outdoor event in a unique and memorable way.

Backed up by our established and reliable network of suppliers, we’re able to supply costumes, props, equipment for any type of outdoor corporate event, and we’re able to use this database to negotiate the best rates and discounts, thus enabling your budget to stretch further.

Guaranteed to please, we’ll always have something in our armoury to wow your employees regardless of the size of your team, department or organisation.

Come and Talk to Us

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We love planning exciting events and watching them come to life. Tell us about how you’d like your outdoor corporate event to look and feel, your ultimate aim for hosting it, the number of people who will be involved and your budget, and we will work with you to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality.

We’ll also take care of the unexpected. We’ll carry out risk and health & safety assessments, and put in place contingency measures to cope with any unforeseen issue. Rest assured that for any likely eventuality, Events by Knight can outline alternative plans – even at the last minute!

Entrusting us with the organisation of your outdoor team building event gives peace of mind and reassurance that your outdoor corporate event really will resonate and engage with your employees. .

We’d love to hear from you, so If we can help in any aspect of your outdoor corporate event planning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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