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“Nothing is better than having a friend at work, so you can vent to each other to make the day go happier and faster.”

Friendships and partnerships at work can spark healthy competitions, build interpersonal relationships, strengthen your employee’s connection with your company – and ultimately – boost the bottom line.

But building strong chemistry among colleagues can be challenging. Imagine constantly seeing someone in the exact same context and framework every other day.

It’s pretty easy and very typical of most of us to define them solely by their role and responsibility pictured in front.

Just going down memory lane, remember when you were surprised to see one of your schoolteachers and realised they actually had a different life outside of school?

That’s where you can take advantage of the fantastic benefits of outdoor team-building events.

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Educational yet enjoyable team-building activities and games are a great way to build a comfortable work environment where colleagues work together to soar together.

Healthy competitions and team challenges help co-workers to know how each individual thinks, plans, and functions.

And doing so out in the fresh air and natural beauty is also a win-win for self-reflection and growth.

Unlike in-office workshops and events, outdoor team-building activities, especially physical games, have a decidedly different feel.

With a more relaxed and casual tone, engaging, fun-filled activities out of the office and amidst the natural attractions amplify the energy, consequently breaking the ice.

For this thought-provoking quality, beautiful outdoor venues for organizing successful and effective team-building events are your best bet.

Events by Knight are already on your side with plenty of unique ideas and concepts for recreational games or luxury corporate retreats.

Outdoor team-building events ideas that won’t bore your team

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1 – Random acts of kindness

Kindness wins for all. For this philanthropic-themed team-building activity, ask each team to race against one another, go out, and do random acts of kindness.

Announce a photo or video challenge for each completed action. From giving out free hugs or writing personal notes to strangers to helping someone bag their groceries, anything that puts a smile on their face counts.

2 – Sneak-a-peak

Peek-a-boo with legos? Sounds fun. In this game, teamwork will thrive. Divide your workforce into two teams and have them create a replica of a pre-built Lego structure after a “sneak peek” for 10 seconds. Each member from the two teams gets 25 seconds to communicate and instruct to build what they saw in 10 seconds.

3 – The egg-drop

Here’s a fun way to sharpen problem-solving and collaborative skills among your employees. Break your team into groups of three or five, give each group a raw egg, and a pile of office supplies (newspaper, bubble wrap, pencils, tape, pipe cleaner, etc.).

In 15 to 20 minutes, each team will build a safe contraption around the egg using the supplies. The goal is to protect the egg from falling.

4 – Eagle glider construction challenge

This building-focused team-building activity will get your colleagues all nostalgic about the paper-plane days of childhood. And most importantly, the fresh outdoor air will give a real feel.

Teams will plan and work together to build the perfect cardboard gliders. The mini cardboard plane that flies the best will win exciting prizes for its team members in the grand finale.

5 – The minefields

The only requirement is an open space or an empty parking lot with handheld objects like cones, balls, bottles, etc. Spread out the various things sporadically across the available area.

Pair up two folks, one of whom will volunteer to be blindfolded. The non-blindfolded partner will use only verbal instructions to direct their teammate to avoid touching the objects and move across to the other side of the open space.

6 – Scavenger hunt across the city

For a more thrilling experience, go for a scavenger hunt-themed team-building activity to sharpen a variety of their skills.

Your team will split into groups that will go around the city searching for hidden objects, chasing leads, decoding clues, and solving mysterious scenarios to savor a sense of shared victory.

7 – Hole in many

With this game comes loud shrieks and giggles. Find an old tarp or buy a new one (depending on your budget) and cut many holes in it.

Split teams and place all the team members evenly around the tarp, each holding an edge with both their hands. Instruct the team to start shaking the tarp once the countdown begins or the whistle blows.

Once the shaking starts, throw in a ball. Participants will shake and shift the tarp as the ball moves around with only one objective in mind – to keep the ball from dropping into the holes.

8 – Outdoor chess

The strategic game from your grandfather’s library will get your employees thinking beyond expectations.

Focusing on self-growth, this game involves two individuals playing a chess game with huge real-life chess kings and pawns. You can use ready-to-use outdoor chess sets or DIY ones for more fun.

9 – Beach cleanup

Do good for your society while having fun. Head to the local beach with your team for a clean beach drive.

Pick multiple teams and assign them areas to pick garbage and debris from. Also, make sure to sort out all the recyclable stuff and collect it in a recycling depot.

10 – Paintball

Who doesn’t love paint splatters and laughter? Paintball is a group shooting game where teams bond and communicate to eliminate opponents by hitting with a paint-filled capsule that splatters upon impact.

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