Why professional event planners save you time

If you’ve ever tried to put together any type of event you’ll know that it’s a very time consuming task. Even for a personal celebratory event there’s so many things to think about, often at the same time, but obviously the larger the event, the greater the responsibility and the likelihood for something to go wrong.

Events by Knight are professional event planners with many years of experience in designing, planning, preparing and staging personal and corporate events and we know first-hand the kind of things which can go wrong. We realise how easy it is to become totally overwhelmed when you’re trying to co-ordinate booking an appropriate venue, décor, accommodation, catering and travel whilst putting together guests lists, speakers, agendas and working to a given budget.

Professional event planners, such as Events as Knight, carry out this type of work day in, day out. We’re passionate about event planning and know the pitfalls you’re likely to encounter. Here we explain why working with an established and reputable event planner can save you time.

Reliable suppliers and vendors

Professional event planners have immediate access to professional suppliers and vendors. These relationships have been built up over many years of working in the industry, so are guaranteed to be reliable and trustworthy. When you’re regularly having to deal with venue management, lighting teams, caterers, florists, interior designers, entertainers, etc, being able to call upon such valuable expertise saves a tremendous amount of time.

Negotiation skills

A professional event planner will be able to negotiate mutually beneficial contracts with venue and hotel management. This can extend to complimentary services, reduced rates on rooms, upgrades and possibly lower rates or free use of meeting rooms.

Added discounts

As event planners regularly design, plan and create multiple events, local vendors and suppliers value their business and are often keen to offer competitive pricing and discounts.

Attention to detail

Professional event planners know that attention to detail matters. Often it’s the little things like the best seating layouts to maintain guest engagement, personalised gifts to make delegates feel special, expert use of complementary colours in décor, but it also means being aware of the larger and sometimes more complex things which might not automatically spring to mind. Have you taken health and safety requirements into account? Do you need to apply for local authority planning permits? How much time should you allocate for achieving these. Event planners regularly deal with large scale events and know the procedures and schedules involved, saving you immeasurable time and stress.

Keeping budgets under control

Everyone knows that costs can easily mount up. You have many factors to incorporate into your event and a limited amount of money to dedicate to it. Which areas will you focus on and how much can you realistically allocate for each aspect? Based on their considerable experience, an event planner must be meticulous in planning expenditure. They realise that balancing budgets is a continual juggling act and as such they not only strive to get you products and services at the most competitive prices, but will also use your funds to the best possible advantage.

Industry insights

Professional event planners have to stay ahead of the curve and find new ways to design, plan and stage exciting events. This means they’re always researching new ways of creating memorable experiences and keeping up to date with the latest technology, in lighting, audio, presentation equipment. Hiring an event planner means you can benefit from the latest technology, equipment and resources without spending the time trying to find them for yourself.

Back up plans

A professional event planner saves you time and gives peace of mind in knowing that the logistics of your event are in capable and experienced hands. In the event of any unforeseen emergency taking place, there’s always a back-up plan to hand. Event planners work on the premise that if anything can possibly go wrong, it will – even down to the most minute details. This facility is priceless. It means you can rest assured in the knowledge that your event will take place whatever the weather and saves you immeasurable time in personally having to consider alternative planning features.

Events by Knight are event planning specialists. Our considerable experience and industry insight results in award winning corporate and personal celebratory events. Whether you’re looking to host a conference, product launch, birthday, anniversary or wedding celebration or any kind of themed event, we guarantee to save you time, energy, cost savings and stress.

We constantly redefine how events are designed, planned and installed. Give us a call today on  +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website and see how Events by Knight can work with you to create a tailor made spectacular event designed to create long lasting memories.