What is Skype?

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Skype was the pioneer of virtual communication. The Skype app offers video and audio calls with up to 100 participants. Unlike other virtual platforms, it also supports chatting with or without a call. Whether you want Skype for business or one-to-one personal communications, you will not be disappointed.

Originally, Skype was founded as an independent platform in 2003, but now it is owned by Microsoft. Skype download is not necessary to access the app since it is also available on the browser. Furthermore, the Skype app is available on various devices, including Skype for Android and Skype for iPhone.

How to use Skype?

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In order to make calls and send messages, a Skype login is required. Once you sign up for free and log in, you can add your friends and family to your account. After that, you can choose to make a video or audio call or just send instant messages.

You can also tap on messages to send a reaction emoji. A Skype meeting can also be recorded so that you never miss out on any detail or can always re-watch the session for better learning. There is also a Skype share screen tool that enables users to enjoy a more interactive video call. The paid version offers to call landline numbers and text messages at cheaper rates.

Whether you go for a Skype download on your smartphone or PC or just open it on the web, it can be your go-to app for all virtual dealings. So, if you want to call home or conduct a business briefing, just log in and start making calls for free. It is also an excellent app for personal chats and sensitive conversations owing to its end-to-end encryption on private chats. In short, it is an easy-to-use platform for virtual communications.

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