Event Production – Why is it Important?

If you’re thinking about holding any kind of event, proper event production is crucial. Of course you’ll want your event to run smoothly and be an amazing success, but are you aware of just how much there is to consider?

Using an established event production company, such as Event by Knight, brings together all these aspects. There’s co-ordination, budgeting, logistics, expert communication and administration needed, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your event without worrying that you’ve overlooked something vital.

Why would you risk your reputation or brand image, never mind opening yourself up to criticism, gossip and ridicule from your guests?

Good event planning is important. Here, Events by Knight explain why.

It saves you time

Using your own employees (or yourself) to plan an event takes time – more time than you’d think. Inviting delegates, researching available venues and accessibility, before you even start on the agenda. It can all easily turn into a logistical nightmare.

Does your team have access to a wide range of suppliers, just in case one of them lets you down? An experienced event company, such as Events by Knight will immediately save you money as we’ve already done the research. We have a database of suppliers we can turn to, we know their products and services and most importantly, we know they’re reputable.

Expert knowledge and skills

Could you overcome language / cultural difficulties for example? Can you negotiate favourable rates? Probably not, and this is where an experienced event planning company can make a real difference. Take advantage of our purchasing power. Events by Knight can negotiate the best deals and discounts and we can make recommendations and offer advice based on our vast industry experience, skills and knowledge.

Insurance cover

Are you able to carry out a health and safety risk assessment? In the event of an accident would your insurance cover claims? These are the hidden, but important things, to bear in mind. An event manager co-ordinates the administration, giving you peace of mind that all documentation is appropriate and kept up to date. We think that’s invaluable.

So, the next time you’re given the role of putting together any kind of event, talk to us at Events by Knight on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us. You’ll save yourself time, costs and stress and gain a reassurance that all eventualities are expertly covered. Relax, take a deep breath and now go and enjoy your event, safe in the knowledge that Events by Knight can cover it.