Toasty – Virtual Event Platform

Toasty has built-in activities like icebreaker questions, conversation cards, and polls. It also features an interactive meeting agenda, which the host sets beforehand and allows all participants to follow along with the schedule and activities.

What is Toasty?

Toasty is a cloud-based video conferencing platform founded in 2019 by a Chinese company. Toasty can be best described as a virtual audience app aiming to enhance and facilitate human interactions through innovative ideas and technology.

The Toasty app finds ways on how to engage remote meeting participants and make online sessions smoother.

Interactive activities ranging from Conversation cards to icebreaker activities can be found in the Toasty app. Since Toasty is dedicated to facilitating online meetings, it strives to create engaging virtual meetings aided by unique tools such as the guessing game of ‘Who Said That?.’

That ensures that all participants are heard and get a chance to interact with others.

How to use Toasty?

The Toasty app is incredibly easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It has a free version and also offers paid subscriptions for advanced options. However, Toasty is currently limited to desktops and laptops with no mobile apps available.

Once you sign up and log in, you can click on the Start Session to initiate a meeting. Now, since you are the host, you will be able to customize the settings and plan the meeting as per your requirements. You can create a schedule or plan the activities beforehand.

If you don’t want to set up everything from scratch, you can select a premade template. After that, click on Invite Participants and copy the link to invite people. As the participants join, the count will start going up. You can create breakout rooms to facilitate small group discussions or start a poll or Q&A session.

The highly engaging virtual meetings on Toasty deem it to be an ideal choice for holding training sessions. Online classes can also benefit from this app owing to its high level of interactiveness. Brainstorming sessions and workshops are also held very easily through the Toasty app.

How Can We Help?

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