Successful Event Manager Traits

Planning a successful event is a time consuming, yet extremely satisfying role. When everything comes together seamlessly and guests comment on a fantastic evening, it’s easy to forget exactly how much work has been put in behind the scenes. An event manager needs up-to-date contact lists of reputable suppliers and back up plans in case of an unexpected emergency, but they also need a range of personal skills.

Events by Knight have many years of experience in planning successful corporate and private events. We know the problems and pitfalls involved as well as the best methods of overcoming them. Here, we share the top five traits that a successful event manager needs.

1. Ability to multi-task

To plan any kind of successful event, an event manager needs to be able to multi-task,  juggle many things at once and keep track of details. Flawless organisational skills are required to ensure everything effortlessly falls into place – and of course they must have a Plan B in place to cope with the unexpected.

2. Effective communication

Event planners need to be able to communicate effectively at all levels. Whether they’re dealing with hotel staff, caterers, entertainers or the CEO of a multi-national organisation, they have to get their ideas and plans across in a clear, direct and concise way, remaining authoritative yet respectful.

3. Ability to remain calm under pressure

Event planners need to be able to remain calm when the going gets tough. They need to remain level headed when negotiating, resolving conflicts and dealing with emergencies. Expert people skills are required here – knowing how to problem solve and deal with stressful situations in a confident and calm manner.

4. Creativity

Creativity is a key skill needed for successful event planning. Whether they’re planning a themed entertainment night, a family celebration or a corporate awards event, creativity in knowing what’s hot, what’s not and how to stand out from the crowd is an essential trait. Event managers also have to be uniquely resourceful and have the ability to rise to challenges.

5. Experience

We firmly believe that industry experience is the most important trait a successful event manager can have. Whilst this obviously takes time to build up, experience builds trust and confidence and makes the role far easier. An experienced event manager knows how to deal with unexpected challenges and has a network of contacts to call on at a minute’s notice.

Events by Knight have significant experience in all types of event planning. We create bespoke events, ensuring effective communication, professionalism and attention to detail at all stages. Take a look through our extensive gallery portfolio of venue transformation and services offered at our event services page or talk to us on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website. We’d be delighted to help you.