Nothing beats a themed Christmas Party

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us and planning your Christmas party will be at the top of your list.

There is nothing better than a good Christmas party at the end of the year, and to really make a Christmas party extra special is if it’s THEMED!

If you want to host a Christmas-themed party but want it to be fun and unique then check out the Events by Knight Top 6 Christmas themed party ideas that could work for you.

Winter Wonderland 


A Winter Wonderland Theme is a great idea to mesmerise your Christmas party guests with a magnificently captivating and styled venue.

This calm and magical theme is a nice change from the typical colourful decorations that is usually associated with Christmas.

No matter what climate you live in, this theme inspired by snowfall will make the guests feel that they are enjoying snowfall in the winter.

With our snow-covered Christmas trees, wintry white backdrop, reindeer props, and fairy lights, guests will instantly be transported to a dreamy world.

To enhance your Winter wonderland party, ask your guests to come dressed in the theme to really set it off.

Christmas Tea Party

If you are looking for a fancy and sophisticated theme for your party, then a Christmas Tea Party could be for you.

This theme works indoor or outdoors where the décor can be white and red with the Christmas tree decorated with cute little teacups.

The décor will be complemented with a tea set, including teacups and teapots, which will set the mood of the party right.

This party can involve both adults and children, and is easy to include healthy, kid-friendly food items.

The party could have a range of teas, including black, cinnamon, and green tea. Get ready to have a relaxing Christmas tea party with your friends. 

Tree Decorating Party

If you want fuss-free décor and also want to decorate your Christmas tree at the same time, a Tree Decorating Party could be the best choice for you.

Your Christmas tree will be the star of this party, which would be decorated with the ornaments available at an ornament station present at your party.

You can choose any colour theme for this party and ask your guests to dress according to that theme and even bring decorations that go with the theme.

We will not only take care of all the decorations by offering trimming accessories we can also provide a Christmas DJ to enhance your party experience.

Santa Cookie Decorating Party

The cookie Decorating Party is not only a party for children, but adults can also enjoy it equally. Choosing the theme Santa means everything right from cookie cutters to pretty Christmas sprinkle shapes will be prepared to go with your party theme.

The party venue can be decorated with balloons and streamers along with Santa decorations to give a perfect look to your party.

Once the party starts, the guests will get decoration kits, and they will be free to decorate the cookies the way they want.

You can add a little bit of fun to your party by asking one of your guests to dress as Santa. 

Christmas Around the World 

Make your Christmas party an excuse to bring together people from different cultures together.

Not everyone may celebrate Christmas but there are a lot of other festive celebrations in November and December, so why not take it as an opportunity to celebrate all these festivals?

This is one of the best party themes if you have many friends from different cultures. We can decorate the venue to represent cultures from the different parts of the world, ensuring your guests have a multi-cultural experience.

To make everything much more authentic, you can ask the guests to come dressed in cultural clothing representing their country.

Christmas Pajama party

If you want to throw a relaxing Christmas party, then a Christmas Pajama party should be your first choice.

The décor for this party can be simple with atmospheric lighting, candles, and cosy blankets. The fireplace will keep the guests who will come in their pajamas warm and give a cosy feel. 



No matter how much you must have love the above-mentioned themes; in reality, it is not that easy to have these Christmas-themed parties without any eternal help.

The good news is that we at Events by Knight are experts when it comes to producing Christmas-themed parties, and with us, you can get any theme that you want for your party.

Events by Knight will take care of everything from the décor to the music to lighting and make sure that everything goes as you have planned.

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