17 ways to turn on the fun factor at your event

Incorporating fun elements into any event instantly allows guests to interact, network and become more involved. Although fun may not be the overall purpose of your event, there’s no getting away from the fact that it creates an impact, makes an occasion far more exciting and vibrant and could even promote brand loyalty.

So, encouraging your guests to turn on the fun factor, let their hair down and get to know each other better will go a long way towards making your event successful.

Events by Knight are experts in event management. We understand that planning innovative and inspirational events does takes a lot of creativity, dedication and preparation, so we’ve put together 17 ways to turn on the fun factor at your event.

1. Life Sized Mascots

Energetic life sized mascots turn on the fun factor by interacting and entertaining your audience, making an event memorable. Think sporting events, such as athletics and football, where life sized mascots mingle with crowds and create a personal experience.

2. Fancy Dress

Either announce a theme or holding a general fancy dress event encourages creativity and could even provide a mystery element to the fun. Do you really know who’s behind that Darth Vader mask? You could hold a competition and give prizes for originality.

3. Fire Eaters and Street Entertainers

Give your event the wow factor with street entertainers, jugglers or fire eaters.

4. Photography with Animals

Bringing animals to an event is a popular way of introducing memorable photographic opportunities. Let your guests pose with a parrot, monkey, snake or lizard and take home a unique souvenir.

5. Giant Board Games

Giant games invite participation and enable you to create teams and competitions. Well known games such as Jenga, dominoes, noughts and crosses and Connect 4 are all suitable for this.

6. Giant Lego

Similar to Giant Board Games, giant Lego easily lends itself to team building activities and competitions.

7. Retro Video Games

Retro video games, such as Super Mario played with giant controllers, are sure to entertain and bring enjoyment. Reliving your youth with video games is a nostalgic way to encourage participation.

8. Ball Pits

Ball pits are fun and popular for both adults and children. They can be adapted to suit any size of venue and you could even brand balls with logos for sponsorship opportunities.

9. Karaoke

Encourage your guests to break out of their comfort zone with a karaoke performance or a contest for best group or individual.

10. Fairground Rides

One or two rides, appropriate to your given space, add fun and vibrancy to an event. For indoor spaces include a coconut shy, tombola or card games. Outdoor events perhaps dodgem cars, and small rides.

11. Gamified QR Codes

Combine technology with fun while adding a new twist to raffles and competitions Create a QR code scavenger hunt or turn it into a tombola with each code representing a prize.

12. Tarot Reading

Popular at events as people always enjoy the unexplained, add a supernatural element with either palm, tarot or tea leaf reading. As with magicians and stunt entertainers, mystical features can create a real impact.

13. Caricatures

Having a caricaturist on hand to sketch and capture expressions and features adds extra fun and gives your guests a souvenir of their evening.

14. Creation Stations

Give creativity a chance to turn on the fun factor and blossom by providing creation stations where guests can make things. These could either tie in with the purpose of the event or act as take home souvenirs. You could also organise a competition and display the creative efforts of your guests.

15. Green Screen

Green screens enable people to be transported to faraway places, be movie stars, filmed in front of funky backgrounds. Versatile and easily adaptable to suit your audience, green screens bring a bit of movie magic to any event.

16. DIY Photobooths

Everyone loves a selfie! Add extra fun to your event by setting up a DIY photobooth with a range of everyday props and a Polaroid camera.

17. Challenges

Who can drop an egg from a height without breaking it? Who can make a paper aeroplane and throw it the furthest? Simple fun ideas to bring out the competitive spirit among your guests.

Possibilities to turn on the fun factor for events are endless, but must always be appropriate and relevant to the age range of your guests and space available. If you’re still short of ideas or would like us to help in providing props, entertainers or setting up any of the ideas mentioned above, talk to our event planners today on +44(0)203 130 4040 or contact us via the website. We’d be delighted to turn on the fun factor for your event!