Take a look before you book

Before a live event takes place, the most important element is the site visit. This enables you to workout what is possible

for your event. It ensures that there will no surprises and nothing is overlooked.

Never book your event without doing a site visit, why? Check out the some of the reasons below:  

Is a site in person necessary?

Nowadays many venues offer 3D virtual tours to showcase their venues, these are a good but they cannot replace doing a site visit in person.

You can not get the full feel of a venues atmosphere, size and look without actually being there.

It isn’t just about the ballroom or room(s) you may hire. To know if the venue is right for you, it starts from the entrance, the walkways and everything about the venue overall

Working out what comes within your venue hire

At your site visit, this will be the best time to workout what elements are included in your hire fee such as tables, chairs and furniture. Some venues

are hired on a dry hire basis (meaning you have to bring in everything such as stage, lighting, dancefloor etc) some venues are self catered (meaning they do come with some Audio Visual requirements)

At a site visit this helps to workout if you require external suppliers to provide elements for your venue.


A site visit will help inspire the vision for your event.

You may have a theme or idea that you want to incorporate into the venues decor, or you may only have to enhance it if it has its own decor that fits your requirements.

Being on site in person will help to formulate your ideas and concept and decide on the design for your venue.

Taking your event planner / Organiser with you?

It is a very good ideal to take your professional event planner / organiser with you on your site visit(s). They will have a clear idea of what is possible at the venue.

With years of experience event planners are able to workout all the logistics such as loading in and out, best placement for seating arrangement, stages, dancefloors, bars, furniture and operational logistics.

You will save yourself a lot of time and stress by hiring an event planner / organiser who will work to bring your vision to life. 

Transforming your venue

This is a major reason why it is important to do an in person site visit. You may have come up with a concept of how you want your venue to look. Doing a site visit will ensure you know what is and isn’t possible.

You can’t leave it to the day.

There is a lot of planning and organisation that has to be done pre-event.

At the site visit your event planner will take all the relevant notes to be able to create  CAD drawings which are technical illustrations with measurements to ensure the concept for your event will work accordingly. 


– Do a site visit in person

– Take your event planner / organiser with you

– Book the venue as soon as you are sure

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