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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have pretty much been living our lives virtually for almost a year now, and although there is hope on the horizon with the success of the vaccination programme, we will still need to take care that we do not catch another wave of infection. With that in mind, socialising and hospitality are still a way away from being back to normal, so if you are planning an event, whether it be a family celebration, some team building for your workforce or a corporate get together, zoom events are still the safest way to go.

When you are planning an event in the real world, you are going to want to make sure that you do whatever you can to make it fun, entertaining and memorable and the truth is, a virtual event is no different. With Zoom based entertainment, as the name suggests, this is a form of entertainment that happens online. It may work much the same as the usual real-life form, but there are extra things that you are going to need to think about too.

The main one is how you can make sure that the entertainment that you are offering feels interactive and immersive, even though you are not together to take part. This may seem easy, but it can be harder to do than you realise, which means that you are likely to want to speak to an expert about what they can suggest and how you can make it better.

The next thing to think about is the types of entertainment that you can book for your event. This will really vary depending on who will be attending, their ages and of course, how many people you have too.

At Events By Knight we think outside the box when it comes to virtual celebrations, and we know there is more to zoom entertainment than the bog standard quiz night, so here is our ultimate selection of zoom events to keep everyone entertained…

Zoom Presenters / Hosts

Without the visual cues of an audience responding in real time to their session, it can be hard for speakers to adjust their tone, pace and delivery. Even something as simple as not being able to hear laughter in response to jokes they crack can be enough to unsettle an unprepared speaker. All this will have a knock on effect on the audience’s enjoyment. But a great virtual event presenter can direct speakers in the right direction to prevent any drop in the conversation.

Zoom Comedy show

If your attendees don’t know each other, then a Zoom Comedy Show is a great way to break the ice. Laughter is contagious and with a live/online comedian kicking off your office party, conference, awards ceremony or a family event, the rest of the event is sure to keep them smiling.

Zoom Virtual DJ

You may think that DJ’s are someone who needs to be there in a room, and of course this means that they are going to be able to judge a room. But, given the current circumstances that we find ourselves in, many DJ’s have realised that they need to take an entirely different approach to their business. They now offer virtual DJ services, which means that they can still ensure that your celebration has all the best music, but that it is playing over a Zoom meeting rather than in person.

Zoom Bands

Whilst it may be hard to perform virtually if you are a solo singer, things can get even trickier if you are a whole band. However, if you like the idea of having a virtual band performing at an event, then it is not impossible to organise. The majority of bands will have some idea of how they can put together a performance without even being together and this means that they can bring their amazing talent to your event. One good thing about booking a virtual band is that you don’t have to worry about how much space your venue has; as they won’t be there in person.

Zoom Virtual Karaoke Party (Themed options)

Virtual Karaoke

Another great option for ages is virtual karaoke.  You can tailor this depending on the ages of those who have attended. Maybe even having a kid friendly version in the daytime, with the adults having a go later on.

Zoom Mind Reading Show

Virtual Fortune Teller / Mind readers

For those who are looking for slightly more adult entertainment, you can try out other entertainment options. Mind readers and fortune tellers can be great fun and offer something a little different to what people might be expecting.

Zoom Pantomime

A zoom pantomime can involve all ages and is great interactive fun, you don’t need to wait till the festive period either – It’s your event, so if you want a pantomime in July, then why not!

Zoom Musical Bingo

From some 60s classics for the older set to the latest rappers, someone is sure to call “house” at your virtual event with their musical knowledge. Splitting into teams can also make this a great bonding exercise for corporate events.

Zoom Cocktail Masterclass

Virtual Cocktail Masterclass>If your event is going to have lots of adults attending, then you may want to think about having a cocktail making class or something similar to this. Not only is this great fun, but it is also something that they can learn from and use in the future. Plus, you can choose to make them non-alcoholic if you want to be able to include the younger guests in the fun.These are just some ideas that are open to you for your entertainment. Think about which one appeals to you most and see if you can organise it from a specialist supplier

Zoom Themed Murder Mystery

A Zoom murder mystery party is very similar to an in-person murder mystery party – a night of intrigue, mystery, murder and fun, all without leaving your house. Professional actors host the entire show, guiding you and your guests through the game, allowing you to relax and have fun solving the murder with your friends.

Zoom Virtual: At the races

Add some excitement to your event with ‘At the races’. An interactive virtual horse racing event is the perfect option to bring out some competitiveness in your friends or colleagues! And the plus side is that no-one loses, as you can bet with virtual fun money or for prizes.

Zoom Virtual Bake Off

Hopefully there will be no soggy bottoms at your event, but there is sure to be a star baker amongst the group. Whether you brief attendees in advance of what ingredients are required or have it delivered to them ready to bake, everyone will rise to the occasion.

Zoom Virtual Cookery Class

Companies are keen to book events to raise the spirits, boost morale and give staff a platform to connect where they can learn new skills.  Cooking has taken Britain by storm in the last twelve months and mMore people are now cooking from scratch and have developed a love of cooking as they have reaped the therapeutic effects and the health and nutritional benefits from home cooking.

Zoom Escape the Virtual Room

You can also encourage people to work together, then you can have a virtual escape room. These can be quite challenging and might not work if you have lots of people attending. But, for smaller celebrations, or if you can split people down into groups, then this could work really well.

Zoom Virtual Photo Booth

If you want to allow your guests to have something to take away from the event, just like you would in the real world, you could also create virtual photobooths, where they can take pictures with a variety of backgrounds, which you can then save digitally and share to them.>

Zoom Virtual Quiz

Inspired by the traditional pub quiz and adapted to be entertaining and appropriate for the workplace, virtual quiz parties are fast becoming a favourite activity for office parties and team building. A virtual quiz gets everyone involved. Each person’s unique interests, expertise and personality will be an asset to their team. Plus it generates lots of laughter and inspiring friendship and camaraderie.

How can we help?

So, as you can see Zoom entertainment is not only a great way to make sure that you can still celebrate as you need, but it also means that you can see each other and feel that we are part of a family or group too.

No matter what form of entertainment you choose. The main thing is that you are offering your guests the chance to have fun. It seems that in this modern time when many of us are finding things hard, that being able to come together, to smile and to remember that we are all there for one another, well that is worth its weight in gold!

Come and talk to us, let’s share our thoughts, ideas and experiences to create and put together a unique event for you. Contact us by calling +44(0) 203 130 4040 or via email [email protected]

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